Monday, 7 June 2021

The COVID pandemic made identity theft even worse! Protect your clients and your reputation with Alpha Legal

Alpha Legal helps you to work in the "new normal" giving you the features you need to work remote and securely with your clients without the need to use email.  Email is not safe or secure and is the leading source of identity theft cases.

This article explains how the COVID pandemic has made the identity theft problem even worse for victims:

Read more at the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC)

The nonprofit organisation ITRC, which seeks to help victims and regularly reports on trends and issues, noted a spike this past year in the fallout and the accompanying feelings of worry, anger, and fear. Because of identity fraud, 67% of those who contacted the ITRC said they could not pay their monthly bills, and 83% couldn't rent an apartment or find housing.

The ITRC compiled results from 63 people who had identity-theft issues directly related to COVID-19 scams. Of those, 40% couldn't pay their regular bills. Further complicating things, identity theft stood in the way of many being paid what they were owed, with 24% unable to receive unemployment benefits; 21% had their stimulus payments stolen. The most alarming statistic is that 8% of victims experienced suicidal ideation, which they had not experienced before they were victimized.

So, identity theft is a problemAlpha Legal is the solution.  Takes 2 minutes to register and make your client communications safe, easy and secure. Go for it today!

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