Monday, 10 May 2021

We've listened to you - no more form timers!

Alpha Legal users and their clients have never liked the timers that encouraged forms to be completed in a set amount of time. 

We extended them from 60 minutes to 2 hours in the last update, but that still was inconvenient for many users.  We've listened to you and scrapped the timers completely!  

This change will make the whole process of uploading ID documents easier and less stressful for your clients (and, don't worry, just as secure as before).

Dan and the Alpha Legal team are listening!

If you have any more ideas to improve Alpha Legal, get in touch.  We love to hear from you.

Faster uploading of ID photos, documents and videos

We've updated Alpha Legal so that ID photos, documents and videos all upload much more quickly.

Faster uploads of ID photos, documents and videos in Alpha Legal

This change also helps clients with slower Internet speeds who, previously, may have not waited for their form and ID documents to upload before cancelling and trying again.

There are more updates coming along this week... watch this space! 

Friday, 7 May 2021

Another reminder - email is *not* secure. Use Alpha Legal instead

Are you still doubting whether you have a need to use a secure communication system such as Alpha Legal?

Are you sending sensitive and confidential documents by email and thinking that the risks are not worth worrying about?

Worse still, are you asking your clients to send copies of ID documents (driving licences, passports, bank statements) by email to you for checking and filing?

Email is not secure!  Alpha Legal is.  Here is yet another report of an email server being compromised and an organisation suffering as a result:

Another 3,000 secure ID requests in Alpha Legal

Another week, another 3,000 secure ID requests have been processed by Alpha Legal!

Secure ID document requests are just one aspect of Alpha Legal

Have you tried Alpha Legal yet?  It makes onboarding your client so easy and it been designed from the ground up to be safe and secure.

Click here to register and you'll receive 500 credits absolutely free worth up to 100 ID document requests!

More Alpha Tracker asbestos users are live

Water NSW is the latest organisation to go live with asbestos software Alpha Tracker.  We blogged about New South Wales' water supplier coming on board with Alpha Tracker here.

Water NSW and Alpha Tracker working together

Judy has completed the virtual training sessions for the asbestos consultants working inside and alongside Water NSW.  Great job, Judy!

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

95% of high priority calls solved within 2 hours - April was a good month on the Support Desk

April was a good month on the Start Software (Alpha Tracker/Alpha Legal) Support Desk.

95% of the 79 high priority calls taken were resolved within 2 hours - a very good performance.

Start Software Support Desk - April 2021

Overall, the team answered 453 calls from software users needing help, and 86% of calls were resolved within the timescales set by our clients.

Well done Jess, Will & Jack and thanks for your hard work!

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Training complete for Morecroft Group - new Alpha Tracker asbestos clients

Judy has completed her "virtual" Alpha Tracker training for Morecroft Group - industrial leaders in asbestos, hazardous materials and more!

Alpha Tracker for Morecroft Group

Morecroft specialise in most aspects of asbestos detection, management and removal...

visit Morecroft at for more info

... and they are a proud family business.  We're proud to be working with them, too!

"We’re a family business, founded in 1991. What makes us special? Our commitment to excellent service, innovative solutions and a total commitment to providing you with a perfect result, on time, every time.

Based in Auckland, we serve residential, commercial and government clients nationwide. We’re very proud of our highly skilled team, many of whom have been with us for 20 years or more. You can always rely on us to provide you with an outstanding outcome."

Welcome to the Alpha Tracker family, we're looking forward to a long and productive working relationship. If we can help your asbestos consultancy with asbestos software systems, do get in touch (UK or Aus/NZ).

Thursday, 22 April 2021

New "Tracker Filer" available - great new feature!

The latest version of Tracker Filer is now available for download.

Tracker Filer is an automatic link between your email system and your Alpha Tracker document folders - it is utter genius, even if we say so ourselves!

Tracker Filer has always read the subject line and body of emails to look for quote references or project numbers, but it now also looks in the attachment filenames too - really useful if you're forwarding on a quote, for example, and you forget to put the reference in the email itself.

Here is an example email with a quote attached:

I've cc'd the special Tracker Filer email address as usual (1) but haven't put the quotation reference anywhere in the email itself.  Previously, this would have caused Tracker Filer a problem.  Not now! The updated Tracker Filer can now read the attachment filename (2) and see that the quote is BQ21-0104 and file the email and attachment correctly for you.

If you'd like help to update your system, please do get in touch.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

New Alpha Tracker water clients come "on stream"

Apologies for the rubbish water joke - on stream for goodness sake! I could have said "on board" but that would have been equally bad!

Water NSW are the latest Alpha Tracker users

It's great to see more water companies using Alpha TrackerWater NSW is the latest to join us.  Judy has just started their remote training and we're really looking forward to them getting fully up-to-speed.

Welcome on board, Water NSW! Oh dear, I did it again...

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Legacy Legal partnership with Alpha Legal grows stronger

Our partnership with Legacy Legal, one of the UK's leading estate planning consultancies, continues to grow with 40 of their specialist will writing consultants now using Alpha Legal to communicate securely with clients.

Legacy Legal and Alpha Legal are working together in partnership

Matthew Mitchell, the dynamic head of Legacy Legal, was keen to stress how Alpha Legal is helping Legacy Legal to develop and grow:

"Legacy Legal have a network of estate planners who offer estate planning through our bespoke software. 

We have been working with the team at Alpha Legal for many years and have always been impressed with their innovation.  They they are ahead of the game in helping make things easier for the client and the salesperson. 

We would strongly recommend them if you are look to streamline your systems and processes."

We love working with companies like Legacy Legal.  Can we help your will writing or estate planning business, too?  Get in touch

New "Download" option for Alpha Legal forms

We've added an extra option to enable you to export forms from Alpha Legal.  

This means you now have 3 export choices - you can send a form to Countrywide Legacy, you can send it to Legacy Legal, or - new - you can download straight to your device (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile).

Here's the new menu option:

New "Download Files" option on an Alpha Legal form

One word of warning - do take care if the information you are downloading is sensitive or private - once you've downloaded it to your device, it is outside of the secure Alpha Legal environment.

Will hits the headlines! Congratulations on a successful apprenticeship

Well done Will!  Our former support apprentice William Price has been offered and has accepted a full-time position here at Start Software.  

Congratulations Will - it's been a pleasure to see you develop in the role.  You're a credit to the team.

The article about Will in the Shropshire Star

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Alpha Tracker Release 34.2 available and Release 35 in beta

We have some exciting news for users of our asbestos software platform, Alpha Tracker.

Performance release 34.2 is now publicly available with some bug fixes, performance enhancements and minor changes.  You can install this yourself or ask our support desk (see for help.

Our Spring update, Release 35, is now in early beta with some interesting and important new features.  Improved hot-spotting has made it through to this build and we're trying to cram more features and changes into this under-used sub-system before Jack finalises the build.

Release 35 sees improved hot-spotting in Alpha Tracker

Do you want to see a new feature in Alpha Tracker?  Get in touch and tell us what you want.  Jack is leading the Alpha Tracker build process and would love to hear from you.

Digital ID checks - why Alpha Legal is part of a new identity checking future

April 12 was another COVID milestone here in the UK.  You might have had a haircut yesterday or even a drink in a pub garden (if you were wrapped up warm)!  The relaxation of measures we all felt yesterday was another sure and steady step towards normality.  But will everything be as it was pre-COVID?

Here at Alpha Legal, we don't believe that verifying a client's ID will ever be the same again.  The days of asking clients to bring in passports, driving licences and bank statements to be checked and photocopied are numbered.  The future is electronic ID verification using Alpha Legal or similar systems to capture & transmit ID documents easily, safely and securely without the need to examine a physical document.

The government are now recognising that the world has moved on.  The important UK government document "How to prove and verify someone's identity" (see lists the ways you can check.  Electronic is now top of the list!

The UK government now recognise "digital" as the first ID checking option

HM Land Registry is also exploring new ways of working.  They are looking to encourage digital identity checking in conveyancing (see and here at Alpha Legal we will be ensuring that our processes are compatible and compliant with every new standard that is issued.

Finally, is asking for a digital ID check a barrier to dealing with the older generation?  Should that be a concern?  Not any longer.  Take a look at this blog post showing how the older generation's use of the Internet has flourishing during the COVID outbreak as they have found new ways to keep in touch with friends and family.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Countrywide introduce Alpha Legal to their consultants

Our partners at Countrywide Tax & Trust have been introducing and promoting Alpha Legal to their 1000s of consultants across the UK in a special webinar.

We had the chance to watch it too - what a great introduction to the benefits of using Alpha Legal whether you're a will writer, estate planner or solicitor.

Some screen-grabs from the Countrywide Alpha Legal webinar

Some of the benefits that Countrywide showed off were

  • secure requests for ID documents including passports, driving licences & "it's me" videos

  • simple and secure document sharing

  • a fully-branded client portal

  • electronic signatures for one signatory or multiple - so easy to set up and use.
Want to watch the webinar yourself?  Get in touch with Countrywide here.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Is Alpha Legal only for young people? How do older folk manage with electronic ID checks?

One of the questions we're often asked here at Alpha Legal is How do older people react when asked to send their ID documents electronically?  Do older people manage OK or do they struggle with technology?

In our experience, senior citizens are just as capable as younger generations when using technology.  A year of social distancing has been the game-changer here.  Smartphones, tablets and laptops have all been grasped with open arms in order that grandparents (in particular) have been able to keep in touch with children and grandchildren.  

Don't assume that grey hair means that users will struggle with Alpha Legal, because, likely as not, they won't!

Here is an article from today's Guardian newspaper which really backs up that claim:

Let us know your experience with electronic ID checks in Alpha Legal and other products.  Have you found that older users are generally comfortable?  Comment below!

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

A record week for Alpha Legal

Our Alpha Legal platform for will writers, estate agents, solicitors and accountants has had a record week!

Subscriptions are up 143% and use of the meeting diary has doubled!

Have you tried the built-in meeting diary yet?  Give it a go!

Alpha Legal meeting calendar

Not subscribed yet?  Still wondering whether Alpha Legal will work for your business?  Give it a try - you'll get 50 free credits to try the system and you can cancel at any time.  Register now!  It takes seconds to sign up and you'll then have access to:
  • easy ID requests to on-board your clients

  • document sharing and electronic signatures

  • meeting calendar (which works with Outlook, Google Calendars and other diaries)

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Branded Subscription benefits in Alpha Legal - your own Client Portal and more!

Want to make the most of your brand?

Would you like your clients to see your logo and company name in every communication you have with them? 

Would you like to add more value to each and every interaction you have with your clients?  

Alpha Legal's Branded Subscription is for you!

Alpha Legal Branded Subscription

For only an extra £10/month, you will receive the following benefits:
  • a fully branded Client Portal so you and your clients can share documents securely

  • your company branding on all emails sent by Alpha Legal

  • all forms & messages (eg ID requests and COVID home visits) branded with your logo
You can upgrade in 60 seconds within Alpha Legal itself - click your Profile image in the top right and then the "..." next to Subscriptions.  Or contact us and we'll walk you through it.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Client not happy to sign? Alpha Legal helps them to tell you why

You've shared a document with your client for electronic signature within Alpha Legal but they're not happy to sign.  What happens next?

Sharing a document for signature is so easy in Alpha Legal

It's easy! With an update coming out this week, your client can tell you exactly why they don't want to sign.  Whether the problem is:

  • spelling mistakes

  • names not correctly specified, or

  • issues with the document structure or intention
your client will be able to quickly and easily highlight their objections.

Alpha Legal isn't "just another electronic signature platform", it has been built to help you and clients communicate easily, safely and securely.  Alpha Legal: easy, safe & secure.

We're hiring! Alpha Anywhere developers needed for new project work

Are you an Alpha Anywhere software developer with time to work on new projects?

Start Software is looking for new Alpha Anywhere developers

We're hiring! It doesn't matter where in the world you live, we already have developers working around the globe. We're a specialist Alpha software development business and we're growing.

Get in touch and tell us all about yourself:

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

No more blurry ID photos! Alpha Legal checks them for you

Are you fed up with clients sending you blurry photos of their driving licence or passport?

Or perhaps they send you photos without the important serial numbers showing in full?

What a waste of time this can be! Alpha Legal has the solution.

Alpha Legal checks the uploaded photos completely automatically

If your client's photo of their ID document (typically a driving licence or passport) isn't good enough, they will be prompted to retake it before sending.  For example:
  • if the photo is blurry

  • if they have used the wrong document

  • if they have "cut off" the important driving licence number or passport number, or

  • if their date of birth doesn't match what they have entered.
What a time-saver for you and your client.

Another problem solved with Alpha Legal: easy, safe and secure.

Friday, 12 March 2021

Another 1,000 ID requests have whizzed through Alpha Legal

We just checked the system stats and another 1,000 clients have sent their ID documents via Alpha Legal to their estate agent, will writer, accountant or solicitor.  Every week Alpha Legal gets busier and busier!

This means that another 1,000 clients have been protected from identity theft and have experienced a modern, easy and - most importantly - secure way of sending ID documents to their advisor.  It also means that the advisor businesses have been protected from GDPR breaches and - equally importantly - had increased their customer service.

Here's a quick video to remind you of the importance of using a secure service like Alpha Legal to onboard your client and request their ID:

Want to try Alpha Legal for yourself?  It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up - click here!

Alpha Legal - easy, safe & secure.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

VAT invoices available in Alpha Legal

Need to download VAT invoices for your Alpha Legal subscription payments?  It's easy!

1 Click to access your profile:

Click your profile photo

2 Find your subscription and click "..." next to it

View the subscription details

3 Choose Payment History

Choose Payment History

4 Download invoice
Download invoice

5,000th software update! Another Alpha Tracker milestone

Our asbestos software, Alpha Tracker, has reached another milestone... 5,000 software updates published!

That means our asbestos consultancy clients have seen 5,000 new features, performance updates or bug fixes since we launched the product to the market.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful asbestos consultancy customers for being part of the Alpha Tracker family.  Your continued support for us at Start Software and the product has meant that we could continue to invest and keep Alpha Tracker at the forefront of the asbestos software market.

Asbestos software Alpha Tracker from Start Software

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Alpha Tracker in New Zealand & Australia - our clients are our sales-people!

It's wonderful when our asbestos consultancy clients refer other businesses in the asbestos industry to take a look at Alpha Tracker.  Having happy customers, keen to make referrals, is better than having an army of sales-people!

We've just had two new orders for asbestos software Alpha Tracker in New Zealand & Australia, both of which were referrals from existing clients.  We're really pleased and very grateful - with so many businesses struggling to cope with the fall-out from coronavirus restrictions, we are delighted that we have been able to grow our operations over the last 12 months.

The Alpha Tracker website for Australia & New Zealand

We welcome enquiries from asbestos and environmental consultancies of any size.  Please do get in touch here (Australia & New Zealand) or here (UK & Ireland).

Friday, 5 March 2021

Alpha Tracker Release 34.1 is now available

Release 34.1 of asbestos software Alpha Tracker is now available for you to download and install.

This is a patch release and so mainly includes bug fixes and performance improvements, but there are some new features to enjoy, too:

  • faster opening of quotes, projects and clients if you know the specific reference number

  • improvements in the client portal (including interactive drill-down dashboards)

  • better user feedback when entering or editing survey data.

The release notes are available here as usual and if you need help to install the update, please do contact support.

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Improved Client Timeline feature in Alpha Legal

Have you spotted the improved Client Timeline feature?

It now shows all forms sent & received (eg ID), documents shared & signed and appointments - all in one place!

Alpha Legal's improved Client Timeline

Managing the VAT reverse charge change in Alpha Tracker

If you are a UK Alpha Tracker user affected by the recent VAT change regarding "reverse charge" (see you will find these notes from Kim useful:

Step 1

Set up a new VAT code for a zero rate by using Setup|General|VAT Codes.

Make sure that the VAT Rate field is set to “0” on the new record.

The Account Software Code only needs to be set if you export your invoices to Sage.

Step 2

Make sure that the system is set to use the Standard 20% rate VAT Code by default:

a. Go to the System Repository and search for “VAT”.

b. Ensure “Default VAT Code for Invoices” is set to your standard rate VAT Code, eg “20”.

Step 3

When you raise an invoice, the default VAT Code is applied and the VAT is calculated. The total VAT is displayed.

Step 4

If the reverse charge applies, use the dropdown on the VAT Code field to select the “0” VAT Code on all lines on the invoice.

The VAT total is then displayed as “£0.00”.

Step 6

If you want to display a note on the VAT liability, you can add this to the Additional Information field.

If you need any more help, please do contact our support desk.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

HSE Australia goes live with Alpha Tracker

HSE Australia, based in Adelaide, South Australia, is the latest organisation to go live with asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

HSE Australia is now live with Alpha Tracker

Judy completed her training of the HSE asbestos professionals this week and they are now live and enjoying the benefits that Alpha Tracker delivers:

  1. Before the asbestos survey - reduce admin and improve scheduling

  2. During the survey - help asbestos surveyors with on-site data & photo capture in our app

  3. Improve the lab - reduce paperwork, increase quality

  4. Faster and better reports - one-click asbestos reports in your format

  5. Sharing reports - clients can read and download reports as soon as they are signed off

  6. Invoice your work - click to generate and send invoices; post into Xero or QuickBooks.

We'd love to help you to improve your asbestos consultancy.  Get in touch!  Click here for Australia or here for UK.

Asbestos managed by Alpha Tracker in two more organisations

Two more organisations, one in the UK and one in Australia, have chosen Alpha Tracker to manage their asbestos.

Water NSW supply and seek to improve the availability of water essential for the water users and communities of New South Wales, Australia.

NHS Tayside is an NHS board which forms one of the fourteen regions of NHS Scotland. It provides healthcare services in Angus, the City of Dundee and Perth and Kinross. 

New Alpha Tracker asbestos software users - WaterNSW and NHS Tayside

We're delighted to be working with these two organisations.  If we can help yours, get in touch!

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Another Alpha Legal update today!

We're publishing another Alpha Legal update later today!

Look out for the new features to help you to communicate safely and easily with your clients:

  • in-built calendar - book appointments with clients and share the appointment

  • better document signing - easier for your clients and better for you

  • improved emails - easy to read, shorter, better instructions for your clients.

Another Alpha Legal update goes live today

Why not join the growing family of Alpha Legal users - estate agents, solicitors, will writers, accounts & estate planners? Alpha Legal - easy, safe & secure.

Support desk performance in February 2021

Our support desk performance improved for urgent issues in February, back to a more normal 92% of calls being solved within 2 hours.  This is a significant improvement compared to January's performance.

We're continuing to monitor our performance when dealing with lower priority problems as 84% overall is not as good as we'd like.  Working from home is the key factor here - the support desk staff simply can't do their jobs as well when they are not sitting in the same location.  

Hopefully, we'll all be back to normal soon!


In time (%)

In time (H) (%)

In time (total)

In time (H) (total)

Total solved































Friday, 26 February 2021

Manage your company vehicles in Alpha Tracker? Who knew!

If you're using Alpha Tracker to manage your entire business - from quote to invoice - why not manage your vehicles too?

Use the Vehicle & Vehicle Check screens (and the accompanying mobile app) to keep your fleet in order.

Alpha Tracker - vehicle checks

Feedback from users has been great.  Here's a comment from Sarah, Technical Manager at one of our asbestos consultancy clients:
"Many thanks, and we are really liking the new changes, especially follow-ups and van tracking"


Another 50 asbestos consultancies have chosen Alpha Tracker in Australia & New Zealand

Another landmark for Judy & Leanne based in our Alpha Tracker office in Adelaide, South Australia!

Another 50 asbestos consultancy clients have joined the Alpha Tracker family and are using our asbestos & environmental software to:

  1. improve their admin with integrated quoting, project management and staff diary

  2. save time and improve quality on-site with smartphone surveying apps

  3. increase throughput and efficiency in the lab

  4. produce asbestos reports with one-click 

  5. share reports and results with clients using the integrated portal

  6. invoice for work completed and send invoices automatically to Xero or Quickbooks.
Want to see these benefits for your own asbestos consultancy?  Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.  Click here for New Zealand or Australia or here for UK.

Alpha Legal features on a US software blog - "Alpha Legal ... safe and secure"

Our Boston (USA) software partners Alpha Software have blogged about Alpha Legal stating "Alpha Legal keeps legal and financial data and communication safe and secure".

Alpha Legal is getting noticed world-wide

We're about to publish a major Alpha Legal software update ready for our next release in March. Exciting times!

Thursday, 25 February 2021

When Alpha Tracker met DIY SOS!

Our asbestos consultancy clients Allium Environmental were thrilled to be part of a recent DIY SOS BBC TV programme with Nick Knowles.  

When Nick Knowles met Alpha Tracker!

Allium asbestos surveyor Charley York used asbestos software Alpha Tracker and the Tracker Mobile app to undertake a refurbishment & demolition survey on a property in Barnstaple, Devon.

Here is the link to watch the programme yourself!

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

"Easy Close" feature in Alpha Tracker - another hidden gem

A client has just called our support desk to ask for help.  They are making the most of a quiet day in the office to tidy up old projects in Alpha Tracker.  They had hundreds of old jobs to close. "Could we do it for them?" they asked?

No need! Easy Close to the rescue!

Easy Close - what a time-saver!

Easy Close is one of the many time-saving features we've built into Alpha Tracker over the years.  Don't forget, we use Alpha Tracker to run our own business so things that annoy you will irritate us and we get them sorted!

Monday, 22 February 2021

Alpha Tracker Release 34.1 live this week

Our asbestos and environmental services software, Alpha Tracker, is receiving an update this week.

Release 34.1 adds some new features but is mainly a performance and patch update to Release 34.

One of the new features we like the most is so simple - we don't why we haven't thought of it before!

If you search for a job or quote using the menu and there is only one match, Alpha Tracker will now jump straight to it without displaying the search results first.  Easy!

Jump to results with Alpha Tracker!

What documents are being shared via Alpha Legal?

One of Alpha Legal's most popular features is the ability to securely share documents with clients.

How to share a document using Alpha Legal

We've been reviewing the stats of the documents that are being shared and it's fascinating!
  • Estate Agents are mainly sharing their Terms of Business (for signature) and draft sale particulars

  • IFAs are also sharing their Terms of Business and notes of financial reviews

  • Will Writers are sharing draft wills and invoices issued for completed services

  • Accountants are using Alpha Legal to share P11d forms, tax returns (Trust & private) for approval
Are you using Alpha Legal to share something completely different?  Let us know!  If we publish your story on our blog you'll get another 500 credits, worth £75, absolutely free as a thank you.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Calendar feature is taking shape in Alpha Legal

Booking an appointment to meet your client?  Setting up a Zoom call and want to share the details with a prospect?  You can now do all of this, and more, all within Alpha Legal!

Alpha Legal's new Calendar feature

We've incorporated some amazing features into our Alpha Legal diary system including the ability to

  • instantly share the appointment with your contact
  • add the meeting to your Outlook or Google calendars
  • plot the meeting (when we're allowed physical meetings again!) on a map, automatically, and
  • see all of the appointments, at a glance, on the contact screen or their timeline.
It's now so easy to keep on top of the meetings you have with your prospects and clients.  Keep an eye out for more features being added to Alpha Legal later this month.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Estate Agents across the UK are joining Alpha Legal

Estate Agents across the UK are signing up with secure communication service Alpha Legal.

Requesting ID by email is not secure! Estate Agents are still asking for personal and sensitive information by email and Alpha Legal is the easy-to-use & cost-effective solution to this problem.

Meeting clients face-to-face isn't easy - use Alpha Legal instead

If you can't meet your clients in person, how do you check their ID documents (driving licence, passport, bank statements)?  Is it OK to ask your client to take a photo of these documents and send them by email? No! Emails are not secure - you can read more about the risks here.

Alpha Legal solves the security problem for Estate Agents.  Estate Agents use Alpha Legal to request ID from clients moving home.  It's so easy for the client to use, too, even easier than attaching a photo to an email!

In additional, Estate Agents use Alpha Legal to send their terms of business, share draft particulars of sale for approval, even their final invoices! More and more features are being added to Alpha Legal every month.

Alpha Legal subscriptions start at only £10/month with no long-term commitment.  Register in just 60 seconds by clicking this link:

Friday, 12 February 2021

The importance of technology in the legal industry - Alpha Legal is for you

Countrywide Tax & Trust director Charlotte Ponder has just written an excellent article for Today's Wills & Probate about the importance of using technology in the legal sector:

Alpha Legal works in partnership with Countrywide and their Legacy software

We're really pleased to be working in partnership with Countrywide (and other large will writing businesses such as Legacy Legal) to integrate our Alpha Legal secure client communication platform with their order processing software, Countrywide Legacy.

Find out more about Alpha Legal here - and register, risk free, to try it for yourself.

World Cancer Day reminds us all of the dangers of asbestos

This article caught our eye.  

Yet again, asbestos-related cancer has bereaved another wife after causing the premature death of her husband, a worker exposed to asbestos fibres early in his career.  World Cancer Day is a good reminder of the misery that cancer causes to millions each year,

Here at Start Software, we're proud of the role that our asbestos software Alpha Tracker plays in detecting, recording and managing asbestos in more than 4 million buildings worldwide.  Our software is used by hundreds of asbestos surveyors every day to record suspected asbestos, take photos and sample details, and then (once the lab has analysed those samples), to report findings by way of report back to the client or building manager.

If we can help you to manage your asbestor or if you're an asbestos consultancy looking for the best support and software in the industry, please do get in touch