Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Another 7,000 clients are being protected by Alpha Legal

We should all know by now that emails are not secure!  No professional advisor should be asking a client to send their passport, driving licence or bank statement by email.  It isn't safe for the client and it risks the advisor's reputation if their email server is compromised and the ID documents are hacked.  Stop using emails!

In the "new normal" where meeting clients face-to-face is not easy, possible or expected, Alpha Legal provides the solution to the problem of securely requesting, capturing and sending ID documents as part of the client on-boarding process.  

We just checked the Alpha Legal stats and another 7,000 clients are benefiting from the security within Alpha Legal, with ID documents being sent through to their advisors.  The process is easy, safe and secure for all parties and costs just a few pence to do.

Take a look at Alpha Legal for yourself.  It takes two minutes to register and we're here to help, 24x7, to get you up and running.

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