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Start Software is an award-winning developer and leading publisher of asbestos software, systems for the legal services industry and more.

Want to know more about asbestos software Alpha Tracker? Alpha Tracker is the most used asbestos software in the UK, Australia & New Zealand with more than 60m items of asbestos data stored.

Our legal services software Alpha Legal helps will writers, accountants, solicitors, IFAs and estate agents to communicate securely with clients. Read about developments here on the blog.

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More Alpha Tracker updates (latest version SVN349)

We've just testing more updates to our asbestos surveying software Alpha Tracker and the following will be publicly available in the next week or so:

4.3.2014337More opportunities to generate project and quotation-related documents; improved software updater
5.3.2014338System reports now separated into groups for easier selection
6.3.2014340System reports now support more sophisticated "parameters" for instant searching and filtering
17.3.2014349Improved lab fibre analysis screens and new re-inspection module

If you are using version 306 or later you can update your own system via the Setup menu.  Ring us on 0845 612 2402 if you need help!

Atmosphere Environmental go live with Alpha Tracker

Atmosphere Environmental are a leading asbestos and environmental consultancy based in West Yorkshire.

Atmosphere Environmental's web site
The directors, Jason and Troy Gallagher, are looking to expand their business further and needed an integrated and easy-to-use system to enable them to bring additional asbestos surveying staff into the company without increasing the admin overhead.  There was their challenge - the solution was Alpha Tracker!

Here are a few photos taken on their Alpha Tracker training day this week:

Neil & Troy getting to grips with Tracker Mobile

Relaxing during a tea break!

Neil, Troy & Jason practising their skills

Latest Alpha Tracker updates (latest version is SVN332)

We've just released more updates to our asbestos surveying software Alpha Tracker and the following are now publicly available:

14.2.2014312Most screens now have option to export to Excel
25.2.2014324Improved "associated costs" facility for projects
25.2.2014326Minor changes to project list, survey screen, survey items, samples grid. Bug fixes in document requests, invoice lists. New report features
26.2.2014328Various minor changes to the projects grid, projects screen. Added new total fields onto the project list which are updated automatically from timesheets/associated costs. General improvements
3.3.2014331New lab dashboard
3.3.2014332We now support up to 5 document queues!

If you are using version 306 or later you can update your own system via the Setup menu.  Ring us on 0845 612 2402 if you need help!

Surveyors from go live with Alpha Tracker

It was a pleasure to meet the asbestos surveyors from asbestos specialists today for their Alpha Tracker training session.  Here are some of the photos from their training session as they got to grips with Tracker Mobile on their iPhones, Android smartphones and Samsung Galaxy smart camera:

Tracker Upload Manager v1.0.129 SVN22 released

Tracker Upload Manager (TUM) is a key component of our Tracker and Alpha Tracker asbestos surveying systems.  TUM monitors the incoming data from asbestos surveyors in the field, sending them emailed receipts for processed data and alerting admin teams that data is ready to be checked.

The latest version of Tracker Upload Manager, v1.0.129 SVN22, has a number of performance updates and bug fixes and is ready to be downloaded.

Please contact the office to arrange your update.

Mobile Data Studio bug-fix update for Android devices

We have been notified that an important bug-fix update for Mobile Data Studio 7.3 (Android only) is available here:

We are advising all clients using Mobile Data Studio 7.3 on Android devices to download this update direct to their device.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do get in touch with the office.

Webinar recording now available

If you're looking for something to help you sleep at night... ;-) take a look a webinar I helped to present last week about the tools and techniques for we use for estimating the time and money required to develop mobile apps using Alpha Anywhere.

Click here to watch - my section is from 28:00 minutes in.

Latest Alpha Tracker updates

The development team has been busy enhancing our asbestos surveying software Alpha Tracker over the last few weeks and the following updates are now publicly available:

27.1.2014294Fully updated user guide
3.2.2014301Updates to permissions, equipment, staff training, general bug fixes
11.2.2014306Improved software and database updaters, close-up photo option, master/sub projects
11.2.2014308Better facilites to view and manage duplicated non-suspect items
13.2.2014311Performance improvement when saving fibre analysis records with multiple components
13.2.2014312System settings (bug-fix), improved searching, improved system repository

If you are using version 306 or later you can update your own system via the Setup menu.  Ring us on 0845 612 2402 if you need help!

Webinar - how to forecast the time (and money) needed to develop apps using Alpha Anywhere

On Wednesday night this week I presented part of a webinar for Alpha Software on how to forecast the time and money needed to build mobile apps using Alpha Anywhere.

Leading the webinar was Mike Facemire from Forrest Research.  He has researched the problems and solutions that developers across the world have encountered when forecasting app development times.

I was able to bring our experience of developing web and mobile apps using the Alpha Software range of development tools over the last few years.  Can we help you?  Get in touch if we can.

New rugged Samsung smartphone - ideal for Tracker Mobile

Are you looking for something (nearly) unbreakable for your asbestos surveyors to use with Tracker Mobile?

How about the new Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 with these features:

- dust proof
- water proof
- 4 inch screen
- camera button (easy to press, even with gloves) with power LED flash
- strap holder so difficult to drop
- fast Android operating system.

There is a very fair review of the smartphone here  You can buy from all of the usual Internet phone shops for under £200.

Tracker Web Server v1.5.484 SVN70 available

The latest version of the Tracker client portal (Tracker Web Server) is ready and available for use.

Tracker Web Server enables documents and data (especially asbestos data) to be viewed and downloaded over the web from consultancies using the Tracker or Alpha Tracker asbestos systems.

This latest version, v1.5.484 SVN70, has a number of performance improvements and a bug-fix relating to the display of no-access registers.

Please contact the office if you would like this update for your server.

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