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Start Software is an award-winning developer and leading publisher of asbestos software, systems for the legal services industry and more.

Want to know more about asbestos software Alpha Tracker? Alpha Tracker is the most used asbestos software in the UK, Australia & New Zealand with more than 60m items of asbestos data stored.

Our legal services software Alpha Legal helps will writers, accountants, solicitors, IFAs and estate agents to communicate securely with clients. Read about developments here on the blog.

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Tom's off to Frankie & Benny's!

Developer Tom pulled out all the stops last week to add some new functionality into our asbestos software system, Alpha Tracker, that a new client needed for a demo.

Thanks Tom for your hard work and dedication - here is £50 of Frankie & Benny's vouchers to enjoy on us.

Jack joins the Support Team

We're at the end of Jack's first week on the support desk and he's performed very well indeed!

The Start Software Support Desk (0845 612 2402) takes 500 calls a month from customers and operates under a strict ISO9001:2008 quality-assured set of procedures.  Jack is learning the ropes quickly and has enjoyed his first week "on the phones".

We publish monthly reports to show how well we've done - take a look at these blog posts for more information (eg March 2015).

Our customers can call us as much as they want, any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.  In 10 years no customer has ever heard an engaged tone or has left a message on our answer-phone... because we don't have one!!

We're proud of our support service and we know that Jack is going to do a great job for us.  Don't forget to say hello to him next time you call!

Alpha Tracker training at Acorn Analytical Services

Set up in 2000, Acorn Analytical Services ( is a multi disciplined asbestos consultancy set up to meet every organisation's asbestos management and statutory compliance needs.

Acorn's excellent website
Acorn's professional asbestos site and admin staff started their journey with our asbestos software system Alpha Tracker yesterday and it was pleasure for Kim & I to meet them all.  Here are some of the photos from the training sessions yesterday:

Kim the office-based asbestos staff

Alpha Tracker will automate your asbestos lab, too

Kim helping the admin staff

Acorn's surveyors learning Tracker Mobile

April 2015's changes to Alpha Tracker are in plan

We've finalised our list of the changes we expect to deliver this month in Alpha Tracker, our software system for asbestos consultancies and asbestos surveyors.

(NB you can see the changes for February/March and January here: and

As a team, we look at all of the changes our customers have requested and then we sort through them and come up with an achievable list that will deliver the most benefit.

Here is the list for April:

516Materials file (for Tracker Mobile) to include the product type score from the Materials table
616"No Samples Taken" to be shown instead of "Samples Analysed" on Project List
639Ability to duplicate sites
533Save PDF invoice and credit note
677Changes to lab processes
678Inactive/active drop-downs
679Filter lab project list by batch number and ID
680Changes to data load process
681Client portal should look for .PDDs and .DWGs for CAD drawings, not just .PDFs
682Initial findings email

If there are other changes you'd like to see, or need more information on these, do contact the office.

February/March 2015's update to Alpha Tracker has been released (SVN1300)

February/March 2015's monthly update to Alpha Tracker is now publicly available.  This is update SVN1300 with nearly 200 new features and bug fixes!

Here is a YouTube video which runs through 5 of the most useful improvements:

The February/March combined update has 200 new features, improvements and bug fixes to the software since the January update.

All new features are fully documented in both the release notes and updated User Guides.

In the video above you can see 5 of the most useful or important changes we have made.  For full details, see the release notes at the bottom of the Alpha Tracker product page.

The update is ready to download and install through the Setup|System|Software Updates button.  If you need help to run the update, please do contact the support desk.

Start Software Support Stats - March 2015

We improved our service again compared to last month thanks to the hard work of the support team on 0845 612 2402.  96% of high priority calls were resolved in time.

Here is the summary of our performance in March:

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