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About Start Software

Start Software is an award-winning developer and leading publisher of asbestos software, systems for the legal services industry and more.

Want to know more about asbestos software Alpha Tracker? Alpha Tracker is the most used asbestos software in the UK, Australia & New Zealand with more than 60m items of asbestos data stored.

Our legal services software Alpha Legal helps will writers, accountants, solicitors, IFAs and estate agents to communicate securely with clients. Read about developments here on the blog.

Or need help with Alpha Anywhere or Alpha Transform projects or software development? You'll find useful info here.

Our next *free* webinar is on Thursday 30 May at noon. Join us to see how to link your Alpha Tracker calendar to Google, Outlook and Microsoft Teams

Remember when your diary was just a little black book in your pocket?  Now most people have multiple calendars for home, for work, for clubs... and it is complicated to look across all of these at the same time.

Alpha Tracker's diary can link to Google, Outlook and Microsoft Teams so you can see all your work appointments with your other commitments.

Having multiple diaries is complicated!

Join Dan & Jack on our free webinar on Thursday 30 May at noon (UK) to see how you can link Alpha Tracker diaries to your other calendars.  Take this opportunity to streamline your life!

Dan's "Debugging 101" webinar with Alpha Software is now available on YouTube

Dan joined Dave from Alpha Software last week to host a webinar on debugging techniques within our preferred software development platform, Alpha Anywhere.

Dan delivering the webinar from our Telford (UK) office

You can watch the webinar on YouTube here:

You can find all of the webinars we have hosted with Alpha Software on our website, here: This page also outlines the range of services we offer to fellow Alpha developers, including:

  • mentoring - helping Alpha Anywhere developers with technical issues or questions
  • training - helping people new to the Alpha platform to become productive quickly
  • project troubleshooting - we like difficult problems to solve!
  • software support - supporting software where the original developers can't (or won't!) help.
Get in touch if we can help you with your Alpha Anywhere problem - we'll have the solution!

Our 0333 301 1010 number is working again. Phew!

Apologies for the problem yesterday afternoon.  Our main UK telephone number, 0333 301 1010, is now working again.

The datacentre problem was resolved overnight

Our 0330 301 1010 phone number is down. Please contact us by email or 01952 288316 for the time being

Our phone provider has an issue in their datacentre, and it is affecting our 0333 301 1010 number.  

We're not the only ones having a problem, EA Sports are also unable to receive calls, apparently, as are many national and international businesses.

We're sorry that our phones are not working

For now, please email if you need to contact us here in the UK or call 01952 288316.  We expect the problem to be resolved shortly.

We responded on time to 92% of tickets raised in April 2024. High priority ticket performance was even better

The Support Desk responded to 831 tickets in April 2024.

92.1% of all tickets were responded to within the timescales set by the caller.  Looking specifically at high-priority calls, 96.3% of problems were solved on time.

Support Desk performance - November 2023 to April 2024

Remember, our Support Desk is available 24x7 in person via a local rate number.  We're here to help so do get in touch!

Here are the numbers to call if you need help:

Australia & New Zealand - 1300 946 310

The Best Foundation conference Inspiration & Innovation conference really delivered. Under the wings of the iconic Concorde, too!

What an event and what a venue! 

The Best Foundation's latest conference was held under the wings of Concorde in Manchester, yesterday.  We were part of the CTT Group team there to discuss our AI innovations with and for the UK Estate Planning industry.

CTT were the networking sponsors

Robin & Mickey in the Concorde flight deck

A Concorde-eye view of the CTT table and stage

CTT director Clive and the Tech Panel

The conference was literally under the wings of Concorde!

Clive discussing the latest AI innovations on the Tech Panel

Clive discussing industry innovations with the conference delegates

Three more UK consultancies with asbestos and Legionella focus are joining the Alpha Tracker family. It's going to be a busy summer...!

We've received orders this week from three more UK asbestos and water hygiene consultancies, all wanting to switch to Alpha Tracker and away from their current software providers.  

All these ambitious consultancies have decided to make the move because of our 24x7 personal support and our flexible and open approach.  Our motto "this is your data, in our system" is what asbestos and water consultancies want to hear.  Why be locked into a system where you don't have unlimited, open and flexible access to the data critical to your business success when you can switch to Alpha Tracker and experience a completely different approach?

See our flexible integration options at

We've been in business for 18 years and some of our first asbestos consultancy customers are still working alongside us.  Each year we've grown and we're now trading more successfully than ever with more staff, more clients and more ideas for improvement.

Would you like to join the Alpha Tracker family or try our software for free?  Get in touch!

Mark & Todd from OERCA are at the Regional Aquatics Workshop Conference showing our latest software improvements

OERCA is one of our favourite clients.  They are leaders in their field (aquatic animal care software - think aquariums, sealife centres and such) and we love working with them.

Mark & Todd, the directors, are at an Aquatics Workshop this week showing the latest software improvements - and there are many!

Mark & Todd at their conference desk

OERCA is one of the products we build and support using the Alpha Anywhere development platform.  It enables us to deliver feature-rich systems more quickly (and hence more cost-effectively) than traditional programming methods.

Can we help your business with a custom software development project?  Or perhaps you need help with an application written in Alpha AnywhereGet in touch!

Alpha Legal has been given a speed boost! Hope you're enjoying the difference

Alpha Legal has received a speed boost today after we deployed new servers in our private cloud. 

We're always improving Alpha Legal - watch out for new updates soon 

We really hope you're noticing (and enjoying!) the difference.  Pretty much everything is working faster - from logging in, to checking ID documents, even sharing documents for signature!

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