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About Start Software

Start Software is an award-winning developer and leading publisher of asbestos software, systems for the legal services industry and more.

Want to know more about asbestos software Alpha Tracker? Alpha Tracker is the most used asbestos software in the UK, Australia & New Zealand with more than 60m items of asbestos data stored.

Our legal services software Alpha Legal helps will writers, accountants, solicitors, IFAs and estate agents to communicate securely with clients. Read about developments here on the blog.

Or need help with Alpha Anywhere or Alpha Transform projects or software development? You'll find useful info here.

Chatting about ChatGPT with Alpha Software's Dave McCormick. Watch Robin build an AI-powered Universal Database Generator!

Robin was guest presenter this week with Alpha Software's Dave McCormick on their regular Alpha Anywhere Q&A Webinar.

Robin's Alpha Anywhere Q&A Webinar - all about ChatGPT and AI

Watch on YouTube to see how Robin built an AI-powered Universal Database Generator whilst explaining how ChatGPT and other LLMs (Large Language Models) work along the way!

If you need help with your Alpha Anywhere project - or have an idea for any web or mobile app - get in touch!

Watch Webinar #5 on YouTube - learn how to track & automate your job pipeline with the power of Alpha Tracker milestones

Alpha Tracker Tips & Tricks Webinar #5 is now online.  Those 20 minutes flew by!

Dan, Jack & Kim were joined by lots of our lovely Alpha Tracker asbestos software users (thank you!) to see how to make the most of milestones and the "turnaround" features.

Click to watch the webinar on YouTube

Did you miss it?  No problem, watch the 20-minute session below and make sure you register in time for the next one - Tuesday 25 July at 12:30!  

Listen to the Asbestos Knowledge Empire podcast about the Alpha Tracker "Damage" report: the worrying state of asbestos in our schools, hospitals & houses

The Acorn Asbestos Knowledge Empire podcast is brilliant and unmissable if you work in the asbestos industry (or have an interest in asbestos for any reason).

Acorn directors Ian & Neil asked Robin to join them on the podcast yesterday to talk about the recent Alpha Tracker "Damage" report.

Robin recording the podcast with the Acorn asbestos experts, Ian & Neil

Listen and subscribe here:

Read the report (and order a printed copy) here: Damage | Alpha Tracker - software for asbestos, water hygiene, fire risk and more (

Read Helen Bone's incredible Mesothelioma blog. What a woman and what a story

We've just started following Helen Bone's incredible blog about her life with asbestos cancer Mesothelioma.  Helen was only 39 when she was diagnosed with the disease and is one of an increasing number of young healthcare professionals who are becoming ill with asbestos-related diseases.

Follow Helen's blog here:

Stories like Helen's prompted us to start work on our analysis of the state of asbestos in hospitals, schools and domestic houses - read, download or order a printed copy of our "Damage" report here:

(Helen talks at asbestos events and was a guest speaker at the Mesothelioma UK lunch attended by our  Catherine, Kim & Elaine - look out for the next event where Helen is telling her story)

Congratulations Armstrong Environmental on switching to Alpha Tracker

Armstrong Environmental ( is the latest asbestos consultancy to switch to asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

Visit Armstrong Environmental's website

Welcome Armstrong! It was a joy to meet the team - young and old (Tim!!).

By the way, I asked ChatGPT to help me write the rest of the blog just to see if I could stop writing content myself... I don't think it is quite ready to write all of our content, yet!!!

We are delighted to extend our warmest congratulations to Armstrong Environmental, a distinguished asbestos consultancy, on their successful implementation of Alpha Tracker, the state-of-the-art software solution developed by Start Software. After a productive training session led by our expert, Kim, Armstrong Environmental has taken a significant leap forward in optimising their operations and delivering exceptional services to their clients.

By adopting Alpha Tracker, Armstrong Environmental gains access to a comprehensive platform that revolutionises asbestos management processes. Alpha Tracker's intuitive interface and robust features empower the team to efficiently track and manage critical data, inspections, reports, and compliance records. The training session with Kim further equipped Armstrong Environmental's team with the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage the full potential of Alpha Tracker, ensuring accurate data management, streamlined workflows, and adherence to industry standards.

With Armstrong Environmental's commitment to excellence and the integration of Alpha Tracker, we are confident that they will continue to set new benchmarks in the asbestos consultancy sector. We applaud their dedication to embracing innovative technology and leveraging it to enhance their services. As a trusted partner, Start Software remains committed to supporting Armstrong Environmental and all our clients in their pursuit of success through cutting-edge software solutions. Congratulations once again to Armstrong Environmental on this remarkable achievement!

It's the next Tips & Tricks webinar on Tuesday next week!

Join Jack, Dan & Kim on Tuesday at 12:30 for the monthly Alpha Tracker Tips & Tips webinar.

Join us for our monthly Tuesday Tips & Tricks webinar 

This month, we'll discuss milestones and turnaround options in Alpha Tracker, helping you meet deadlines with clients and understand where you can improve your processes.

Best news of all - it's only 20 minutes of your time!  See you Tuesday.

PS here is the free registration link if you've not yet registered:

500 free Alpha Legal credits available. Refer a friend today

Do you want to save yourself £75? 

One click = £75!

Click the "Refer a friend" button at the top of your dashboard.  Both you and your friend will receive 500 free credits (worth £75) when they activate their account.  Simple!

We've won an award! Start Software is officially Best Business Software Development Firm 2023 - West Midlands (probably)

We've been notified that we've won the Best Business Software Development Firm 2023 - West Midlands award in the 5th Annual Facilities Management Awards.  We didn't even know we'd entered!!

Thank you Build Facilities Management Awards!

Oh well, it's another trophy on the shelf.  Mind you, we don't think we need to get a bigger shelf just yet!!

Alpha Tracker Mobile update released to the app stores

Jack has published the latest Alpha Tracker Mobile app (3.0.94)  to the Google and Apple app stores.

Key improvements include:
  • several improvements to the Forms feature (used for fire risk assessments and other types of consultancy work)

  • faster and more reliable Backups

  • faster and more reliable Syncs

  • a bug fix whereby the location of a water asset was not always shown

  • a bug fix whereby the site postcode (for a water job) was not always shown

  • an improved Reset feature

  • a bug fix whereby the number of water assets and outlets were not always displayed correctly

  • better error reporting if a Sync fails for any reason.

Gosh! We've been shortlisted for the UKATA Excellence in Innovation Award!

Exciting news... we've been shortlisted for the UKATA Excellence in Innovation Award 2023!

Finalists – UKATA 15 Year Anniverary Awards

The award nomination is for our OpenAsbestos industry initiative to make critical asbestos data more widely available, no matter which asbestos software system was used to capture it.  You can find out more about OpenAsbestos here  By the way, asbestos software Alpha Tracker is fully OpenAsbestos compliant, naturally!

We can't wait to meet Kriss Akabusi and all of the other finalists and guests at the Awards Ceremony on Friday 7 July.  See you there!

Faster Response on our Support Desk in May 2023

Our Support Desk performance was better in May compared to the two previous months - in all categories of calls.

Urgent and normal ticket response time was improved in May

96% of high-priority tickets were resolved within 2 hours and 91% of all tickets were closed in the timescales agreed with the caller.  This is an excellent performance from the support team - especially considering that they answered 757 calls in total!

The results are in - and Samsung is the clear favourite! Find out which devices are being used by site staff using Tracker Mobile

Thanks to everyone who responded to our phone/tablet device survey (see  We asked our Alpha Tracker asbestos consultancy clients which devices their staff use for site work (using Tracker Mobile).

The results are in and very clear - for companies using Android devices, Samsung is the clear favourite. Apple devices are also popular (especially where staff are using their personal iPhones or iPads, out of preference).

The majority of asbestos consultancies use a mix of phones and tablets on site

Samsung is the clear favourite - with Apple second

Samsung and Apple are universally recommended

If you would like any help to choose devices for your environmental consultancy to use with our range of asbestos and water hygiene software, do get in touch (UK or Aus/NZ).

Alpha Tracker Release 39 is available - watch our 30-minute webinar

We're pleased to announce that Alpha Tracker Release 39 is now available with 100s of new features, improvements and bug fixes.  Nearly 1,000 in fact!

The Release 39 webinar video is now online

Dan, Jack & Kim hijacked(!) our regular monthly Tips & Tips webinar to show you the top 10 features and changes:
  1. How to install Alpha Tracker as an app on your laptop or PC
    Add Alpha Tracker to your taskbar or as a shortcut on your desktop

  2. Our new Water Hygiene module
    Fully-featured online and offline Legionella Risk Assessments, monitoring, monthly temperatures and more

  3. Changes to Quotation numbering
    More scope for more quotations!

  4. The new Invoicing process
    Easy, faster, with better interim and consolidated options

  5. Ticketing
    Our own ticketing system is now available for you to use

  6. Bulk/Repeat Scheduling where you need to visit a site on a regular basis
    Ideal for work with a repeating cycle (eg monthly water temperatures or emergency lighting/fire safety checks)

  7. Client Portal improvements
    Now faster and simpler for your clients

  8. Google Maps automatically included on your asbestos reports
    Another extra to add to your automated asbestos reports

  9. FLS integration
    Worth checking out to see if it would benefit your business

  10. Reporting improvements for faster running, better searching and more
    Better searching, sorting and presentation.
Watch the webinar on YouTube here and please do share with colleagues!


Watch part 2 of the Big C Tracker story with Robin on the Alpha Anywhere Q&A webinar

Alpha Software's weekly Wednesday webinar told the second part of the story of the apps we have been building for Andrew Bedwell's Big C Atlantic Challenge.

Watch the recording of the webinar here!

Can we build an app for your business?  Get in touch!

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