Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Quick way to push lots of projects to the Client Portal - "Easy-Show On Web"

The Client Portal is one of Alpha Tracker's most popular features. 

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge for the Alpha Tracker Client Portal.  It is built-in, costs you nothing (but you can charge for it if you want, don't forget!) and is a really useful tool for clients to track projects, request new work, view live asbestos registers, and much more!

You are in control of which projects/reports appear on the portal.  You can simply click the "Show on web" checkbox on a single project or, if you have lots to update, why not try the menu option "Easy-Show On Web".  You'll find it in the Projects menu.

"Easy-Show On Web" is a quick way to make lots of projects visible in the Client Portal

You might be wondering why we don't show all projects on the portal by default?  We believe that you should be in control of what your client sees.  With Alpha Tracker, you are in control of the system and the data belongs to you.  If you have worked with any of our asbestos software competitors, you'll understand why this is so important!

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