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Kim is at the NORAC AGM. She's taken Mavis & Ray Nye (in portrait painting form!) to the meeting with her

Alpha Tracker specialist Kim is at the NORAC 2023 AGM today at West Midlands Golf Club in Solihull.

Kim at the AGM

Kim has taken the amazing portrait of asbestos campaigners Mavis & Ray Nye with her so that all of the asbestos professionals at the event can see it.  The next stop for the portrait will be the BOHS FAAM Asbestos Conference in October.

Congratulations Zac... you're not an apprentice anymore!

Some of our Start Software "VIPs" (clients and partners) sent WhatsApp messages to Zac this week to congratulate him on passing his software development apprenticeship.  You might even recognise a famous face or two yourself!

Zac and the VIP WhatsApp messages

Zac showed special determination and perseverance throughout the process and we're very, very proud of him.  Say well done next time you're speaking to Zac on our Support line! 

Learn about site plan "hotspots" in our Alpha Tracker webinar on Tuesday! It's free to join and only 20 minutes long

Would you like to know more about site plan hotspots in Alpha Tracker and how they can save your survey admin teams lots of time?

Join our free webinar on Tuesday 26 September at 12:30!

The next webinar is on Tuesday at 12:30

Watch all of the previous Alpha Tracker Tips & Tricks webinars here:

PS We'll also be previewing some of the upcoming features in Alpha Tracker Release 40

More Premium Support contracts are now available. Would you like a quote?

We've increased the size of our Customer Team to make more Premium Support contracts available.

We're growing again! 

All Alpha Tracker consultancies benefit from our legendary 24x7 personal support.  Our Premium Support customers also benefit from:
  • regular Account Management meetings by Zoom/Teams or in person
  • free-of-charge changes to most templates and reports
  • access to our Beta programme to see new software releases before other customers
  • and more!
If you're interested in upgrading your support package, get in touch (UK or Aus/NZ) and we'll give you a quote.  We only have a limited number of Premium Support contracts so don't delay!

Would you like to see RAAC as a service in Alpha Tracker? Get in touch if you do

RAAC continues to make the headlines every day, and some Alpha Tracker clients are investigating to see if RAAC surveys would be a profitable additional to their portfolio of services.

Today's headline on the BBC News website

Would you like to see RAAC as a service in Alpha Tracker?  We would add features to our Alpha Tracker Mobile app (Android/iOS) to collect data on site, and then automate the reporting like we have recently done with Water Hygiene.  Get in touch with Robin if this is of interest.

The Mavis & Ray portrait continues its road trip! It's been collected from UKATA and is now at Alpha Tracker HQ

Director Robin visited the Contamination Expo at the NEC yesterday to collect the wonderful portrait of asbestos campaigners Mavis & Ray Nye and to bring the painting back to Alpha Tracker HQ in Telford for viewing.

Robin is a Trustee of the Mavis Nye Foundation (MNF) and formally received the painting from asbestos campaigner and European Asbestos Forum founder Dr Yvonne Waterman.  The team at UKATA have been looking after the portrait at their HQ for a couple of weeks and so it was convenient to collect it from their stand at the NEC.

Yvonne with Liam Pembleton (UKATA) and Robin Bennett (MNF/Alpha Tracker)

It was a stressful move! Carrying the portrait through the NEC and then giving it to Dan to bring back in his car was not easy and Robin was mightily glad to see it in the Alpha Tracker reception area in one piece!

Liam and the UKATA team packing it up

Dan's boot - safe for now!

Robin's relieved face...

Proudly on show at Alpha Tracker HQ

Alpha Tracker gets a mention in the House of Commons as part of a proposal for a UK National Asbestos Register

Under the Ten Minute Rule in Parliament, yesterday, Andrew Percy MP introduced a bill to propose a UK National Asbestos Register and asbestos software Alpha Tracker got a mention.  

Our "Damage: The Poor Condition of Asbestos in our Schools, Hospitals & Houses" report has been instrumental in providing evidence to MPs including Jane Hunt to enable the preparation of the bill.  This is all very rewarding and a really good step along the road.  

We are very, very grateful to all of the people who have moved the asbestos agenda along so much over the last 12 months, not least Andrew Paten (co-founder of UKNAR) and Charles Pickles (Airtight on Asbestos).  

Click the YouTube link below to watch

World Champions!!! What a great day and such a good cause - thanks for all your sponsorship (and apologies for the click-bait headline)

We didn't win (obviously!) but we did get to grab the Coracle World Championship trophy for a sneaky photo, at least!

Dan & Zac

It's fair to say that our attempt to win the Coracle World Championship didn't exactly go to plan.  Our "Little C" team made up of captain Zac, Tom, Jack & Dan fell at the first hurdle.  Zac was nobbled by another competitor and ended up in the Severn (captured by the BBC TV camera crew and broadcast later on Midlands Today - fame at last, Zac!).

Oh well - the main aim was fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support and we smashed our target, so thank you to everyone who clicked the link and added their support.  There's still time left if you want to add something to our total.  Thanks in advance!

Tom making waves

What an excellent event - we'll be back next year for sure

Watch the BBC Midlands Today report here:

A UK National Asbestos Register is another step closer - keep an eye on Parliament next Wednesday

We've been big supporters of the UK National Asbestos Register initiative (UKNAR) from day 1.

Consultancies using our asbestos software Alpha Tracker know that a basic principle of ours is to be as open and flexible as possible with the asbestos data we store.

In fact, our OpenAsbestos initiative is all about making asbestos registers available to the right people at the right time, with minimum fuss.  Alpha Tracker is fully OpenAsbestos-compliant, of course.

Next Wednesday, 13 September 2023, there will be the first introduction of a Private Members Bill by Andrew Percy MP, simply titled "Asbestos (National Register)".  Let's hope this is the first step towards a sensible, practical, efficient and affordable National Asbestos Register to benefit all.  We certainly hope so.

Keep an eye on Parliament TV next Wednesday

Don't forget to sign the petition, too, it only takes two minutes!

It's a record! We resolved 98% of urgent tickets within 2 hours

Our Support Team have done themselves proud again.  In August, they solved 98% of urgent tickets within 2 hours (and most much quicker than that!)

Well done James, Zac, Jess, Judy, Jack, Tina and all for doing such a great job.

It's the closest we've been to 100% success!

(for the record, we took 773 calls for assistance in August, in total, with 92% of queries raised being resolved within the timescales agreed with the caller)

Zac, Jack, Tom, Dan & Kim could be World Champions on Friday!

We've entered the World Coracle Championships this Friday! Not a sentence I ever thought I'd write...

Not sure what a Coracle is? Check this out

We're competing against elite teams from around the world (or, more likely, complete novices like us from Shrewsbury & Telford!) to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  If you have been touched by cancer, or know someone who has, you'll know how important Macmillan is.  Several of our team have been affected by cancer this year and so it is a really important cause for us.

Please do support and sponsor us - we'd really, really appreciate it! Here's our sponsorship link: Please sponsor us - we're fundraising for Macmillan 

Our "troubleshooting" webinar is now ready to watch on YouTube

We've just uploaded the recording of our latest Alpha Tracker Tips & Tricks Webinar onto YouTube and our website.

Watch all the webinars again at

Robin & Dan showed how to troubleshoot problems and how you can help yourself and help us to help you!  We also showed how to access the job list and the calendar in the most efficient way.

The next live webinar will be on Tuesday 26 September at 12:30.  Register for free here

The inspirational Mavis & Ray Nye presented with a stunning oil portrait in recognition of their tireless work

The incredible and inspirational asbestos diseases campaigners Mavis & Ray Nye have been presented with an oil portrait painting as a thank you from the entire asbestos industry.

Ray & Mavis

Two industry leaders, Andrew Paten (UKNAR) and Colette Willoughby (NORAC), made the presentation on behalf of the industry to Mavis & Ray at their Kent home.

Andrew presenting the oil painting

The painting is a gift to the Mavis Nye Foundation which raises awareness, funds and provides support to victims of asbestos disease Mesothelioma.  Our Alpha Tracker director Robin is a Trustee of the Foundation and said "We are thrilled to receive the painting from the asbestos industry in recognition of the tireless and selfless work undertaken by Mavis & Ray since their diagnoses.  We will treasure the painting and ensure that as many people as possible see and appreciate it".

International asbestos community Asbestonomy features the Alpha Tracker "Damage" report

Asbestonomy, the International asbestos community, has featured our "Damage" report in their newsletter and on their website.

Read about the state of asbestos in UK schools, hospitals and houses

We still have a few printed copies available if you'd like one.  Get in touch if you do!

Join our Alpha Tracker Troubleshooting webinar on Tuesday and learn how to make your system run faster

Robin is running our free Alpha Tracker webinar on Tuesday showing how to troubleshoot problems in Alpha Tracker and how you can help yourself and help us to help you!  We'll also be talking about ways to make your system run faster, too.

Join Robin on Tuesday for the Tips & Tricks webinar

The webinar is on Tuesday 29 August at 12:30 and only lasts for 20-30 minutes.  Join and watch while you have your lunch!  

Find out more and register for free here:

Kim and Alan complete their Alpha Tracker training sessions - ATEC (Scotland) are now live!

Our Alpha Tracker trainer Kim has completed her training sessions with ATEC's director Alan MacDonald.  This means that Alan can now begin to use Alpha Tracker to help him increase efficiency and improve the service he gives to his clients.

Alan and Kim on a virtual training session

If we can help your asbestos consultancy to become more efficient, if even if you just want to take a look to see how Alpha Tracker compares to the software already in use at your business, get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you.

Email problem affecting some Alpha Tracker users. Sorry! We're working on it now

Some Alpha Tracker users are experiencing an email issue affecting the delivery of asbestos reports and quotations.  We are investigating now and expect to have a solution by noon on 10 August 2023.

Email issue 10 August 2023

The documents themselves are being created and can be downloaded from the report and and quotation folders until the problem is resolved.

For more information, contact the support teams at Alpha Tracker UK or Alpha Tracker Australia/New Zealand.

UPDATE @ 12:00 on 10/8/2023 - the solution is being applied to servers now.  Please bear with us and only contact the support teams if you have not already logged a ticket, thank you

UPDATE @ 15:30 on 10/8/2023 - we believe that all affected servers have been patched.  Please do contact us if you believe your system still has an issue, thanks.  Sorry for the inconvenience today

New feature! Export PDFs from project files by client, project type, date range or more!

Jack has added a great new PDF export feature to Alpha Tracker - take a look!

The new PDF export feature in asbestos software Alpha Tracker

Click and scroll below to see how to do it for yourself!

Top marks for our apprentice Jamie! Many congratulations from all of us

Our Support/Developer apprentice Jamie has completed his course and has been awarded a Distinction - top work! 

Team Leader Dan presenting Jamie's certificate at our Telford office

In addition to supporting our Alpha Tracker asbestos software system, Jamie also looks after our Alpha Legal service and yesterday he received a personal video message from TV presenter Michael Collie, the voice of the Alpha Legal videos.  Thanks, Michael, and congratulations Jamie from all of us here at Start Software on your perseverance, commitment and achievement.

Slightly fewer calls in July compared to June with 723 requests for help in total

Our performance was good again in July with 94% of high priority calls being resolved within 2 hours, and nearly 90% of all tickets being resolved within our KPIs.

That's especially good performance because we were slightly short-staffed due to some team members being on holiday.  Some new staff stepped in and helped out - here's one of them, Eleanor!

El helping out on the Support Desk

Don't forget, you can contact us 24x7, 365 days a year! We're always here to help.

Check out the new Integrations page on our Alpha Tracker website. See how many ways you can link to and from Alpha Tracker

We've updated our website to include the full list of software and systems that Alpha Tracker can interface with.  We've called the page Integrations and you'll find it on our website menu.


We've broken it down into 9 sections:

  1. Spreadsheet Import from Excel or CSV into clients, sites, jobs, appointments, asbestos data...

  2. Spreadsheet Export to Excel from any of the Alpha Tracker screens

  3. Accounts Systems including Xero, Sage and QuickBooks

  4. Zapier to link to Alpha Tracker to any Zapier-connected apps

  5. OpenAsbestos for asbestos data interchange with most of the key asbestos systems

  6. API enabling other software to connect to Alpha Tracker using Internet-standard methods

  7. Housing Software including most systems used by UK councils and housing associations

  8. Facility Management systems for property information exchange

  9. Property Inspection apps including Mobile Data Anywhere and Alpha Transform

Alpha Legal has been updated. Our Write a Will feature is now in partnership with CTT Group

Alpha Legal has received a major update!  There are new features and improvements throughout the system including an update to our new Will Writing feature.

Alpha Legal's Write a Will feature in association with CTT Group

To ensure that you have all of the legal know-how and support you need, we have now partnered with estate planning specialists CTT Group who have 1000s of will writing consultants working nationally.  They can help you with legal-technical queries when you are writing a Will for a client.

ATEC are the latest asbestos consultancy to switch to Alpha Tracker. Welcome on board!

ATEC (Scotland) are the latest asbestos consultancy to choose asbestos software Alpha Tracker to power their business.

Providing the complete range of asbestos services, Alan and his team are delighted to receive enquiries from new clients.  Go to for more information.

Visit the ATEC website for details of the asbestos services provided

Can we help your asbestos consultancy to become more efficient and give a better service to your clients?  Take a look at our website and get in touch!

Tracker Mobile webinar recording is now ready to watch. Pick up some tips & tricks to save time on-site

Alpha Tracker Tips & Tricks Webinar #6 is now online.  Thanks to everyone who joined to watch!

Jack, Kim & Dan were joined by our wonderful Alpha Tracker asbestos software users (thank you!) to see how spend less time surveying by using useful techniques in Tracker Mobile.

Click to watch on YouTube

Did you miss it?  No problem, watch the 20-minute session below and make sure you register in time for the next one - Tuesday 29 August at 12:30!  

Next webinar, next Tuesday! Join us for a Tips & Tricks session to learn how to save time on site using asbestos data capture app, Tracker Mobile

Join us on Tuesday 25 July at 12:30 for a free 20-minute webinar to show you some Tracker Mobile tips & tricks.

We're showing you how to even more productive on-site with some time-saving techniques.  We think that Alpha Tracker is the most efficient asbestos site data capture app on the market.  Take a look for yourself!

Join the Alpha Tracker team for a 20-minute webinar

Not registered for our monthly webinars?  Click here and register for free:

PS send us questions in advance if you want to be sure we'll get to them - click here

Welcome Roth Associates - our latest Alpha Tracker asbestos consultancy

A big welcome to Lee and team at Roth Associates, the latest asbestos consultancy to switch to asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

Director Lee leads the Roth Associates' asbestos team

Can we help your asbestos consultancy to automate your surveys, streamline your business and improve the service you give your clients?  Do get in touch!

Can you support our old friend Tim McIntyre in his fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support?

Our old friend and Alpha Tracker user Tim McIntyre has just finished an amazing challenge with his daughter to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you know Tim (and many of you in the asbestos community will), you'll know this is a long way out of his comfort zone.  A LONG way!  Almost as long as the hike he's just completed...

Support Tim & his daughter Victoria

Please do support this amazing cause by clicking here:

Act Now on Asbestos! We're part of the Sunday Times' asbestos campaign for our schools and hospitals

We've been talking to the Sunday Times' journalists for a few weeks now, helping them to understand the shockingly poor condition of asbestos in our schools and hospitals.

Our "Damage" report has helped them to gather their evidence and we're so pleased that such a prestigious national newspaper has taken the time to really understood the problem affecting so many of our public buildings.

Their new Act Now on Asbestos campaign has five ambitious but practical steps.  We are fully supporting the campaign.

Congratulations to journalist Steve Boggan and the Sunday Times 

You can still request a free printed copy of "Damage: The Poor Condition of Asbestos in our Schools, Hospitals & Houses" by clicking here:

Jeremy Vine has picked up on the problem of asbestos in our schools and hospitals

We've just been listening to the Jeremy Vine BBC radio programme from Wednesday.  Here's the link (listen from 1 hr 5 minutes into the programme).

Listen to the Jeremy Vine programme from 12 July 2023

Jeremy and his callers and studio guests were talking about the problem of asbestos in schools and hospitals, in particular.  The amazing Liz Darlison and Helen Bone were also on the programme talking about the disease and the impact is has had on them personally.

Copy of our "Damage" report, all about the poor state of asbestos in our schools, hospitals and houses, are still available for free.  Send us your name and address here and we'll post you a copy.

Thank you UKATA! What a night to celebrate success and achievement in the asbestos industry

Thank you UKATA! What an amazing evening of fun, food and fabulous people including, and especially, Mavis & Ray Nye and the inspirational keynote speaker, Kriss Akabusi.

We won!  Not quite sure how, but we did!

It was the UKATA Awards evening, held every five years, and Mavis & Ray had a standing ovation when they were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. I don't think I've ever felt more heartfelt warmth and appreciation in a room.

We were so grateful to be awarded the Innovation Award for our contribution to the industry with our asbestos software, Alpha Tracker, and our OpenAsbestos data sharing initiative.

Fingers crossed! We're up for an award tonight

Robin & Catherine are off to the UKATA Awards ceremony!

Start Software is shortlisted for the Excellence in Innovation Award 2023 for our OpenAsbestos initiative, helping to unlock asbestos data, everywhere.

Fingers and toes crossed!

Wish us luck!  Don't suppose we'll win but it will be lovely to catch up with old friends, Alpha Tracker clients and business partners from across the UK asbestos industry and far beyond!!!

Support stats for June 2023 are ready

June was boringly similar to May!

Our Support Desk answered 809 calls (slightly up from the 755 in May) and resolved 96% of the high-priority problems within 2 hours. 90% of all tickets were solved within the timescales set by the caller.

In case you're wondering, this is a model, not a member of our Support Team!

Don't forget, our Support Team are available to help you 24x7 via your local rate number.

Biotech join the Alpha Tracker asbestos software family. Welcome!

Welcome to Scott Flamank and the Biotech Environmental team and thank you for joining the Alpha Tracker family.

Biotech Environmental have received their Alpha Tracker training

Can we help your environmental consultancy improve efficiency throughout your business, from quote to invoice and with everything covered in between?  Get in touch! (Aus/NZ or UK).

Australian energy giant AGL to manage asbestos with Alpha Tracker

Judy, Leanne & Jess in our Adelaide office have just announced that Australian energy giant AGL will be using asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

The AGL website 

AGL supplies around 4.3 million customers and has a turnover approaching  AU$1bn.  It's great to have another large business on board with asbestos software Alpha Tracker, enabling us to develop it even further and even faster.

Chatting about ChatGPT with Alpha Software's Dave McCormick. Watch Robin build an AI-powered Universal Database Generator!

Robin was guest presenter this week with Alpha Software's Dave McCormick on their regular Alpha Anywhere Q&A Webinar.

Robin's Alpha Anywhere Q&A Webinar - all about ChatGPT and AI

Watch on YouTube to see how Robin built an AI-powered Universal Database Generator whilst explaining how ChatGPT and other LLMs (Large Language Models) work along the way!

If you need help with your Alpha Anywhere project - or have an idea for any web or mobile app - get in touch!

Watch Webinar #5 on YouTube - learn how to track & automate your job pipeline with the power of Alpha Tracker milestones

Alpha Tracker Tips & Tricks Webinar #5 is now online.  Those 20 minutes flew by!

Dan, Jack & Kim were joined by lots of our lovely Alpha Tracker asbestos software users (thank you!) to see how to make the most of milestones and the "turnaround" features.

Click to watch the webinar on YouTube

Did you miss it?  No problem, watch the 20-minute session below and make sure you register in time for the next one - Tuesday 25 July at 12:30!  

Listen to the Asbestos Knowledge Empire podcast about the Alpha Tracker "Damage" report: the worrying state of asbestos in our schools, hospitals & houses

The Acorn Asbestos Knowledge Empire podcast is brilliant and unmissable if you work in the asbestos industry (or have an interest in asbestos for any reason).

Acorn directors Ian & Neil asked Robin to join them on the podcast yesterday to talk about the recent Alpha Tracker "Damage" report.

Robin recording the podcast with the Acorn asbestos experts, Ian & Neil

Listen and subscribe here:

Read the report (and order a printed copy) here: Damage | Alpha Tracker - software for asbestos, water hygiene, fire risk and more (

Read Helen Bone's incredible Mesothelioma blog. What a woman and what a story

We've just started following Helen Bone's incredible blog about her life with asbestos cancer Mesothelioma.  Helen was only 39 when she was diagnosed with the disease and is one of an increasing number of young healthcare professionals who are becoming ill with asbestos-related diseases.

Follow Helen's blog here:

Stories like Helen's prompted us to start work on our analysis of the state of asbestos in hospitals, schools and domestic houses - read, download or order a printed copy of our "Damage" report here:

(Helen talks at asbestos events and was a guest speaker at the Mesothelioma UK lunch attended by our  Catherine, Kim & Elaine - look out for the next event where Helen is telling her story)

Congratulations Armstrong Environmental on switching to Alpha Tracker

Armstrong Environmental ( is the latest asbestos consultancy to switch to asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

Visit Armstrong Environmental's website

Welcome Armstrong! It was a joy to meet the team - young and old (Tim!!).

By the way, I asked ChatGPT to help me write the rest of the blog just to see if I could stop writing content myself... I don't think it is quite ready to write all of our content, yet!!!

We are delighted to extend our warmest congratulations to Armstrong Environmental, a distinguished asbestos consultancy, on their successful implementation of Alpha Tracker, the state-of-the-art software solution developed by Start Software. After a productive training session led by our expert, Kim, Armstrong Environmental has taken a significant leap forward in optimising their operations and delivering exceptional services to their clients.

By adopting Alpha Tracker, Armstrong Environmental gains access to a comprehensive platform that revolutionises asbestos management processes. Alpha Tracker's intuitive interface and robust features empower the team to efficiently track and manage critical data, inspections, reports, and compliance records. The training session with Kim further equipped Armstrong Environmental's team with the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage the full potential of Alpha Tracker, ensuring accurate data management, streamlined workflows, and adherence to industry standards.

With Armstrong Environmental's commitment to excellence and the integration of Alpha Tracker, we are confident that they will continue to set new benchmarks in the asbestos consultancy sector. We applaud their dedication to embracing innovative technology and leveraging it to enhance their services. As a trusted partner, Start Software remains committed to supporting Armstrong Environmental and all our clients in their pursuit of success through cutting-edge software solutions. Congratulations once again to Armstrong Environmental on this remarkable achievement!

It's the next Tips & Tricks webinar on Tuesday next week!

Join Jack, Dan & Kim on Tuesday at 12:30 for the monthly Alpha Tracker Tips & Tips webinar.

Join us for our monthly Tuesday Tips & Tricks webinar 

This month, we'll discuss milestones and turnaround options in Alpha Tracker, helping you meet deadlines with clients and understand where you can improve your processes.

Best news of all - it's only 20 minutes of your time!  See you Tuesday.

PS here is the free registration link if you've not yet registered:

500 free Alpha Legal credits available. Refer a friend today

Do you want to save yourself £75? 

One click = £75!

Click the "Refer a friend" button at the top of your dashboard.  Both you and your friend will receive 500 free credits (worth £75) when they activate their account.  Simple!

We've won an award! Start Software is officially Best Business Software Development Firm 2023 - West Midlands (probably)

We've been notified that we've won the Best Business Software Development Firm 2023 - West Midlands award in the 5th Annual Facilities Management Awards.  We didn't even know we'd entered!!

Thank you Build Facilities Management Awards!

Oh well, it's another trophy on the shelf.  Mind you, we don't think we need to get a bigger shelf just yet!!

Alpha Tracker Mobile update released to the app stores

Jack has published the latest Alpha Tracker Mobile app (3.0.94)  to the Google and Apple app stores.

Key improvements include:
  • several improvements to the Forms feature (used for fire risk assessments and other types of consultancy work)

  • faster and more reliable Backups

  • faster and more reliable Syncs

  • a bug fix whereby the location of a water asset was not always shown

  • a bug fix whereby the site postcode (for a water job) was not always shown

  • an improved Reset feature

  • a bug fix whereby the number of water assets and outlets were not always displayed correctly

  • better error reporting if a Sync fails for any reason.

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