Friday, 24 June 2011

Latest Tracker Web Server in beta test

Our latest Tracker Web Server changes are now in beta.

There are a number of improvements to the standard screen layout, making it better suited to tablet and smartphone devices. We also have added new settings (client-specific) allowing you to vary the look and feel of the software for each of your clients.

We're now collecting requests for new features for the next release - please get in touch with your ideas!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mobile Data Studio consultancy

Today was fun - just finished a workshop for a famous multi-national looking to deploy Mobile Data Studio. They needed help to explore the possibilities and limitations of the product before they commit.

Really nice people, good project plan, should be a big success for them.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Android "Tracker Mobile" photo sizes and resolution

We are getting one or two reports that the newer "Android" phones and tablets are saving photos at very large file sizes, and this is causing two issues:

1 the sessions can appear to be "stuck" on the phones once the photo has been saved with the rest of the surveying data

2 sending the data in at the end of the survey or end of the day is taking much longer than normal.

We recommend that the cameras are set at the desired resolution (we suggest "low" or "medium", no more than 3 mega pixel) before the surveyors take their photos - and that surveyors are reminded that this is important.

Any questions, please do call in on the support line 0845 612 2402.