Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Be alert - a slow-running system could be a danger sign

It's frustrating when your system isn't running as quickly as normal.  Even so, it is sometimes tempting to see if the problem "goes away by itself" rather than give us a call.  We want to know if your Alpha Tracker isn't running as quickly as it should be because it may be a sign that something important, and potentially dangerous, is happening to your system.

Some causes can simply be technical - server issues, lack of disk space or even Internet problems.  However, some can be more sinister, and the earlier we know about the problem the quicker we can help and protect you and your business.

Hackers are constantly trying to find systems to exploit and Alpha Tracker is no exception.  A recent call to our helpdesk about a slow-running system resulted in us finding that a hacker had been trying (and failing) to gain access and it was their attempted breaches that had slowed the application down.

A slow-running system can be the sign of a hacking attempt - don't ignore it

Alpha Tracker is a secure system with multiple levels of protection built-in.  Hackers will often try to break in for an hour or two and then move to an easier target. Even so, an early call to our helpdesk can give us the opportunity to see the hacking attempts and use that information to build extra protection into future Alpha Tracker Releases.

If your Alpha Tracker system starts running more slowly than usual, be alert and let us know! We're here for you 24x7 (click here for UK contact details, and here for Australia/New Zealand).

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