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End of a long year... hope 2011 is shorter!

2010 has felt pretty challenging to us with the UK's financial situation still being very precarious and with serious competitors coming into many of our markets for the first time.

We've held our market positions, opened new offices, started major new development projects, and have ended the year as we started it - in a sound financial position and with optimism for the New Year.  Our two Quality accreditations have been renewed (ISO9001 and AccredIT) and our clients feel that the support we give them is more organised and more reliable than previously.

So is it any wonder we're all so tired?!?  The last few weeks of weather have been the final straw making journeys to clients that big longer and more stressful.

Here's to a simpler, easier, shorter(!) 2011 for us all.  Cheers!

Happy Christmas from all at Start!

Thanks for supporting us and following our blog this year.

This Christmas we're making a donation to the RNLI instead of sending cards, so please accept our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and we look forward to speaking to you and seeing you again in 2011.


Robin, Adam, Elaine, Kim, Stuart, Dan and Shane

PS Our support line (0845 612 2402) is open as usual between Christmas and New Year so please do ring if you're unlucky enough to be working yourselves and need our help!

Improved photo processing for Android data collection

Are you now using Android phones/pocket PCs for your asbestos surveying?  For example, HTC Desire or Desire Z units or Motorola Milestones or Milestone 2s?  We are selling a good range in our on-line shop:

Android devices tend to store photos at larger file sizes than Windows Mobile devices so we have improved the way that photos are processed in Tracker to ensure that performance and reliability remains high.

If you would like this update applied to your surveying module, please let the office know.

New "building list import" facility in Invoice Tracker

If you are an Invoice Tracker user (generating invoices in Tracker to import into Sage) you may want the latest update which features a button to import the building list into the invoice (one building per invoice line).  This is especially useful if you survey multiple buildings (eg domestics) on a single Tracker survey project.

This new facility is available to all Tracker users with a live support contract.  Contact the office to book your update.

New Order Tracking facility in Tracker Web Server - we need your ideas!

Several Tracker Web Server clients have asked if we can incorporate an order tracking facility into the system so that their clients can see the progress of surveys, reinspections etc and order new work through the web site.

You will be able to enable and disable the facility on a client-by-client basis so don't worry that the system will suddenly start showing information to clients which you'd rather they didn't see!

This is now in development so if you think that this is a facility you might like to use, please email or ring Elaine in the office with your ideas!

Tracker Web Server v1.5.145 available

This is a minor update but worth having - it improves the category/sub-category facility (where you can break your projects down by department/area/sector etc) and also includes some cosmetic changes.

2009/10 - Start Software's best year ever

We're just closing our books for the financial year Oct 2009 - Sept 2010 and it looks like we've had our best year yet.

Turnover is up an amazing 50% on the year before and % profit has held up pretty well too:

We've expanded into a second software development office (based at the University of Wolverhampton's e-Innovation Centre in Telford) and a major new software project is well under way.  We also now have a London (virtual) office for use for meetings, training etc.

Trading conditions are still difficult with customers taking much longer to pay, on average, than in previous years but our markets held up in the recession pretty well.

Thanks for your support and business this year - our success is down to your custom and your belief in us and our products.  We all look forward to working with you throughout 2010/11.

Tracker Web Server v1.5.122 available

The latest release of Tracker Web Server has much improved hyperlinking throughout the system so that you can move more easily from actions and inspections (whether in "edit mode" or in the lists) straight back to the sites they are attached to.

New "rugged" unit available for Toy Tracker Mobile

Most of the semi-rugged or fully-rugged smartphones aren't popular with staff using Toy Tracker Mobile - the version of Toy Tracker designed for mobile use - simply because they don't look like normal phones and tend to be very bulky.

The new Motorola Defy looks like a winner to me - splash, dust and drop-proof but looks like a normal phone.

We'll be stocking them from November so do ring if you want to trial one for yourself.

Semi-rugged Android Smartphone launched by Motorola

Most of the semi-rugged or fully-rugged smartphones aren't popular with surveyors using Tracker Mobile, simply because they don't look like normal phones and tend to be very bulky.

The new Motorola Defy looks like a winner to me - splash, dust and drop-proof but looks like a normal phone.

We'll be stocking them from November so do ring if you want to trial one for yourself.

Tracker Dashboard v1.0.43 available

A new release of Tracker Dashboard is now available with a new feature allowing alerts to be sent throughout the day as project milestones are updated.

For example, when a draft report is produced and the relevant milestone is updated, an automatic email can be sent to the assigned technical checker asking him or her to check the report.

This is a free-of-charge update if you already have Tracker Dashboard and a current support & maintenance contract.  Please contact Elaine in the office if you would like the update applied to your system.

New Tracker Web Server v1.0.105 available

We have updated Tracker Web Server to v1.0.105 with a number of enhancements, both major and minor:

1 New risk-based dashboards

Your clients can now view risk-based dashboards across their portfolio or for individual sites:

All tables are live and allow click-through "drill down" access to explore the data.

2 New compliance-based dashboards

Looking at the overall compliance data for sites, graphs can be displayed including the same click-through facilities as per the risk-based dashboards:

3 New settings to enable you to customise Tracker Web Server

We have added over 20 new settings to enable you to customise Tracker to suit you and your clients.  All of the new settings are displayed through the new administrator login screen.

If you would like the update to Tracker Web Server, please contact the Elaine in the office to book your update.

Intensive Tracker training now available

We are now offering intensive 1-1 Tracker training courses for experienced asbestos project managers and surveyors.

The course syllabus can be customised to suit your staff needs and recent feedback from the first courses suggests that the time invested is worthwhile and future demand is going to be high.

Contact Elaine in the office to discuss your requirements and to book your session.

New HTC Desire Z - ideal Android surveyor phone/pocket PC?

Here is some video footage of the new HTC Desire Z with a slide-out keyboard.  Looks like it could be the ideal unit for surveyors using Tracker Mobile.

AccredIT quality inspection

Kim spent most of yesterday with our AccredIT assessor for our 12-monthly check-up to see if our processes and procedures still meet the demanding AccredIT regime.

We were one of the first software development companies to reach the AccredIT standard and we work hard to keep ourselves at the top of our game to keep our registration (and our ISO 9001 certificate).

Our accreditation relates to software design and development, and you can read more about the standard here:

We had a positive feedback session at the end of the day and look forward to receiving some good news about our AccredIT accreditation shortly!

New Android handsets launched by HTC

Now that our Tracker Mobile and other mobile data system software is compatible with Android, we're keeping a keen eye on the Android handsets coming onto the market.

HTC have just launched some exciting new models including the Desire Z with full hardware keyboard.

Take a look at to see more photos of the new models.

Preparing for AccredIT quality assessment

new automated posting to Blog and Twitter

new automated posting to Blog and Twitter

Just testing some new code, please ignore!
Just testing some new code, please ignore!

Robin rides the "Great Big Bike Ride" for Severn Hospice

100km in 5 hours, great fun and a really good cause.

Why don't you get your bike out and join us next year?


Sent from my Android phone using TouchDown (

Android "Mobile Data" almost ready

We've been busy testing the new Android version of "Mobile Data" (formally known as Pocket PC Creations) which is looking great.

We're testing on an HTC Legend but we also have users with HTC Desire devices and the fabulous new Android tablets.

It does look like Windows Mobile 6 is going to stop production soon (at least for consumer-style phones) and the new Windows Phone 7 Series isn't backwards compatible, so Android devices are going to be the way forward for our customers using pocket sized units to collect data on site and transmit back to servers remotely.

If you are about to buy new pocket PCs/phones for data collection please do speak to us first - it may be that we can advise you to choose new Android devices for improved productivity and a better all-round experience for your users.

Post messages automatically on Twitter

Does your business use Twitter and would you like your systems to automatically post Twitter updates (Tweets)?

We can now add this functionality to your Tracker or Toy Tracker system. Ring or email for more information!

Huge performance improvements in Tracker Web Server v1.5

A large part of the core code base in Tracker Web Server has been rewritten resulting in speed increases of 50x for some operations. The whole website feels much, much "snappier" especially with larger client sites.

In addition, new database optimisations within the Asbestos Tracker databases have helped to make the Tracker Web Server experience a much slicker one.

Contact the office if you want the upgrade which also includes a new facility for users to be able to email the contents of library folders back to themselves (rather than having to download each document separately).

Busiest ever support month - 90% of calls resolved on time

July 2010 has been our busiest ever support month with 174 problem calls logged by Elaine and the team.

We solved 89.6% (I'm counting that as 90%!) of the calls on time - something we're very proud of.

We hope your call wasn't one of the 10% and we will strive to do even better in August.

New Tracker Dashboard v1.0.35

We're pleased to announce an update to Tracker Dashboard (the Tracker module which sends automatic, personalised emails with Tracker data, summaries and action lists).

The new version can also send data as .CSV files so that it can be read straight into Excel.

If you would like the update, which is free of charge to all Tracker clients with active support contracts, please contact the office.

New LED hand-held floodlight available

We've been scouring the market to find a good quality, lightweight, pocketable, affordable LED floodlight for use by surveyors where the built-in flashes on pocket PC/phones aren't sufficient to light an area.

In fact, some of the most popular pocket PCs (such as the HTC Touch Pro 2 units) don't have flashes at all and so the quality of the image suffers in poor light.

We've now found one and have it in stock! Bargain at £25+vat.

The two photos shown here were taken in a pitch-black room with no windows, illuminated only with the floodlight.

You can find it on our online shop at

Major router security flaw spotted - millions potentially affected

Something we check and test during out IT Security Audits is that the routers in use are secure and have up to date firmware.

This article shows how important this sort of testing is:

More thorough testing of the security of a network includes port scanning and the use of specialist companies to attempt to gain access to a company's infrastructure.

Development of new scanning/workflow/OCR application begins

For a while we've been considering the development of a new module for our Tracker product line to enable documents coming into a business to be scanned, tagged, processed, OCR'd and then sent via a workflow system to the relevant part of the business for action.

For example, incoming invoices could be scanned, tagged and sent to accounts payable and orders arriving by fax could be scanned and then sent on to the sales team. If the OCR'ing is sufficient reliable and robust, the data on the invoices and orders could be added to Tracker automatically saving considerable data entry time.

Our new Mill Tracker development also has this requirement so we are developing a general-purpose facility which will set alongside Tracker-based systems whatever their target market.

Development of the prototype has begun with an in-depth analysis of the different OCR engines available in the market and it is already clear that each have very different strengths and weaknesses.

Access 2010 - first thoughts

We're switching over to Access 2010 now as a development team and - as always with new software - there are some positives and negatives to report.

It is a better development environment than Access 2007 for lots of reasons, not least because there is "Intellisense" now throughout the application (including when building queries) and the old File menu (now called "Backstage") has returned.

Our standard application framework has caused us problems, however, as Access 2010 mysteriously reopens the Switchboard form when the user asks the system to close. We have reported the issue to Microsoft and they are as baffled as us, so it has been a case of finding a workaround rather than a solution. We have done this now and will continue to test.

Connectify! Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi Hotspot

Our new offices at the e-Innovation Centre in Telford have super-fast wireless Internet for all tenants, but access is strictly controlled and can't be used by guests.

One of the consultants we work with came in for a meeting this morning and needed to hop onto the Internet but the mobile signal isn't great and he couldn't get a reliable connection.

The solution? Connectify! Connectify is free and will turn any Windows 7 PC into a WiFi hotspot for any number of people to securely connect to. It downloads and installs in just a couple of minutes and is free to use.

Highly recommended.

Second development office opens

We have proudly opened our second software development office, in Telford.

We are in the e-Innovation Centre. Access and facilities are superb as it is located on the University of Wolverhampton's Telford campus. Our new training facilities are particularly good.

Our new technical consultant Paul joined us yesterday, and our two new developers (Dan and Matt) will be starting on Monday.

The software development team is settling into its new home well and concentrating on getting productive as quickly as possible.

You can find out more about the e-Innovation Centre at

New programming and consultancy rates

For the first time in 3 years, we have revised our rates to reflect inflation.

The new rates are:

Programmer/developer: £432/day
Consultant/director: £552/day

These new rates take effect on invoices issued from 1 June 2010.

Our standard T&Cs apply.

Start Software delivers presentation at Microsoft HQ

Last week I gave a presentation at Microsoft's UK HQ in Reading about Tracker and what has made it such a commercial and technical success.

The presentation was to the UK Access User Group, a vibrant and thriving organisation, supported by Microsoft themselves, of IT developers and software engineers.

RDS Asbestos begin their Tracker implementation

Specialist asbestos consultants RDS Asbestos ( have started their Tracker implementation.

RDS are looking to increase their efficiency with the use of pocket PC data capture and immediate data transfer from the surveyor to head office and they should be live throughout their business by the summer.

Yellow Bike starts trading

The Yellow Bike Company ( starts trading tomorrow.

We have designed and developed the IT systems running the operation including an interactive web site, admin database, FTP server, pocket PC maintenance system, SMS (text) engine... there is barely a software technology we haven't used!

Having just riden one of their bikes over Snowdon to Dublin for charity (see I can vouch for the quality of the electric bicycles and I can certainly have confidence in the systems!

We wish them well with their new business.

Sent from my Windows® phone.

Sponsored ride for Cancer Research

If you follow our blog could I please ask you to consider donating to my JustGiving site in aid of Cancer Research?

Full details are on my JustGiving page:

Thanks so much,


ISO 9001:2008 Review Successful

Good news, we've had ISO 9001 re-inspection today and we've passed with no "non conformities" (great phrase that!).

We've made a big effort to keep our management system in order despite the difficult period we had during the recession and the very busy workload we've had since the autumn.

This review was to the new 9001:2008 standard and so we'll be updating our paperwork, web site etc as soon as we have the new certificate in our hands.

Controlled Construction start surveying with Tracker

Controlled Construction have had their surveying training this week on Tracker and Tracker Mobile and will be using Tracker's automated surveying immediately.

Controlled Construction (CCL) chose HTC Touch Pro 2 handhelds for their surveyors, selecting them for their build quality, speed and large screen.

New Tracker installation at Euro Environmental

Euro Environmental are a vibrant, successful asbestos and environmental consultancy based in Doncaster.

Euro have started their Tracker SQL installation, customisation and training this week and are looking to get benefits straight away from the project logging and integrated Resource Tracker diary.

Start Software is Recruiting

We are now looking for new staff to join our software development team.

We are looking for talented individuals with skills in Visual Basic, SQL Server and Microsoft Access/VBA.

Are you looking for a position in a growing, successful software business where your input will be vital and your work will be valued? Do you know of such a person?

Contact us via the web site and tell us why you want to join us.

Yellow Bike Project - Final Testing

Our friends at Yellow Bike have almost completed their testing and will be launching a pilot scheme in Oxford in May.

We have developed the back-end database, administration system, interactive web site and pocket PC-based maintenance system.

The embedded electronics in the bike racks and stands have been developed by MLE.

Major Tracker Web Server update imminent

We are testing a number of significant changes to Tracker Web Server.

The changes will enhance usability and functionality and are the result of requests we have had from customers over the last few weeks.

Watch this space (ie subscribe to this blog!) for more information.

New Mobile Data system (previously known as Pocket PC Creations) released

We've had the final version of v6 of Mobile Data (the product previously known as Pocket PC Creations) from our Australian partners.

This has many of the new features we'd requested, including

- a new name - Mobile Data is much better than Pocket PC Creations!
- auto-scrolling to keep the data being entered in view
- more "finger friendly" controls
- much better layout on the new higher resolution screens.

This product will enhance Tracker Mobile, Toy Tracker Mobile and our other mobile data capture applications.

For more information, please contact us.

The rise of the smartphone

I've personally used an electronic diary, contact book, note-taker etc since the days of the Psion organiser (Series 3) in 1991. In fact, I can't actually remember using a paper diary now and an electronic companion has been my way of life ever since I first got hooked.

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) were all the rage in the 90s but come the new millennium there was a feeling that the day of the PDA was over and only techies would be interested in using an electronic device in this way.

Then the smartphone was born - initially as a Windows device and the market got very excited that one device could be your phone, diary, to-list, address book and even camera. This market grew but then stagnated and many of the manufacturers with early devices dropped out of the market. Again, the feeling was that the products had reached the end of the line and the geek market was saturated.

Then, out of the blue, the iPhone and the Blackberry came along and all of a sudden the smartphone was cool (iPhone) or business-cool (Blackberry). Windows Mobile took a back seat but the number of smart all-in-one devices sky-rocketed.

I've been reminded of all this when glancing around the conference room I've been sitting in all morning. Virtually everyone around me has a smartphone in front of them and it is completely taken for granted - between talks, everyone is emailing, sending texts, checking the web for sports results, updating their diary... we have become reliant on the smartphone for so much of our daily routines.

Google are starting to launch their own-branded phones and Microsoft are soon to release the innovate Windows 7. This technology is clearly here to stay and if the next decade moves us as far as the last one, who knows what we'll have in our pockets come 2020.

Start Software posts best-ever results

In our 10th year of trading (3 complete years as a separate Ltd company focussing just on software development), we have just posted our best-ever set of financial results.

Turnover was flat compared to the previous year, which in the recession isn't bad, but pleasingly profit was up 14% on the previous year.

With a healthy order book and a major new software development project about to start, 2010/11 is looking bright for us here at Start.

Toy Tracker implementation at Cornwall Council - nearing completion

We are nearing the end of a county-wide installation of Toy Tracker at Cornwall Council.

We are converting existing data from several other (inferior!!) toy library systems and retraining users as we roll out the software.

Covering 16+ toy libraries across the whole of Cornwall, this is our largest roll-out of Toy Tracker yet and so far so good - all of our joint preparation with the Cornwall IS team is paying dividends.

The users are looking forward to Toy Tracker's legendary ease of use and barcoding facilities, as the IS team will reap the benefit of a single county-wide SQL database.

New Mobile Data application in Beta

The pocket PC mobile data capture/transmission framework we use for all our systems is currently being upgraded and we have been given a "beta" copy to check and test.

Currently known as Pocket PC Creations (and which will be called Mobile Data from v6 onwards), the software gives us the features we need to provide ultra-reliable data capture applications in many of the software systems we build.

The new release has many new facilities and it will work better on the new units with high resolution "capacitive" screens (like the HTC HD2).

For more information, contact us via the usual methods.

Tracker ready for new Surveying Regulations

We're upgrading all existing Tracker support clients now so that their survey reports are fully compliant with the new Survey Guide (see

Please do contact us if you have any queries about the upgrade process.

Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone (which used to be called Windows Mobile and 14 other different names) has suffered at the hands of RIM with their Blackberry units, and Apple with the iPhone. Windows Phone has started to look very old fashioned with the result that consumers and phone manufacturers have voted with their feet.

Windows Mobile 6.5 (the newest release currently available) was barely more than a sticking plaster, and some industry gurus have wondered whether Microsoft actually had a future in mobile devices.

Well, it looks like there is life in the old dog yet as the first viewing of "Windows Phone 7 Series" (only Microsoft could come up with a name as bad as that) was shown at the technology show in Barcelona this week.

It looks fantastic, really ground-breaking, and is sure to give even the iPhone a scare or too.

We have been developing software for Windows mobile devices since they first launched, and one issue for us is that Windows Phone 7 Series will not be able to run older software - which means we'll need to rewrite all of our existing systems.

Another concern is that the launch presentations were aimed directly at the iPhone user - someone who users they phone primarily for personal/entertainment/social networking and perhaps also uses it to pick up work emails etc. Current Windows Phones work very well indeed as Exchange clients and so are popular in business. Will this one be? This article explains this well.

Windows Phone 7 Series devices should hit the shops and the mobile networks towards the end of the year.

Tracker Web Server update (v1.0.228)

This is a minor bug-fix release which displays better messages when a user tries to delete a "read only" file from the document library and so therefore cannot be deleted.
This release also provides additional instructions to the user to help them to find documents in their library through the use of the browser's Find facility.

New Tracker Staff Records Module

We've just finished a new Staff Records module which has facilities to record:
- staff training
- staff certifications
- renewal date and certificate scans

For staff working with asbestos, it also enables the storing of personal exposure monitoring records including
- automatic calculations of exposure levels
- auto-flagging when > 4f/ml

If you are interested in receiving this module (free of charge to customers with support contracts), please contact the office.

OHS lead field with new asbestos surveying guidance

OHS were Start Software's first Tracker customer and have been leading the way in asbestos surveying technology ever since.
With the issuing of the new asbestos surveying guidance, OHS are changing the way that their asbestos reports are developed to meet the new code - and are also taking the opportunity to revamp their report format.
As a subscriber to our Premium Support service, OHS receive priority over other customers and receive other benefits including regular account management visits.

Tracker Web Server update (v1.0.227)

Some useful new features have been finalised in the latest Tracker Web Server update.
You can now allow or disallow your clients access to the following facilities:
- uploading their own documents to the document library
- deleting their own documents (with confirmation)
- creating their own sub-folders.
In addition, you can also allow or disallow the facility for clients to upload documents to the action and inspection sections of the site (on a client-by-client basis).
Please contact the office if you would like this update.

New project for International Energy Crops

We've started working on a crop planting software system for International Energy Crops that will combine mapping and database technologies to track the preparation, precision planting and harvesting of Miscanthus biomass fuel. A 5km square area of Miscanthus crop will produce enough electricity to power 9,000 UK homes for 1 year.

International Energy Crops are based near Market Drayton in Shropshire and are Europe's largest Miscanthus Rhizome Multiplier, having at least 8 times the Rhizome capacity of their next nearest competitor.

First Toy Tracker training for Cornwall Council

We're just back from two long days down in Truro and Bodmin installing Toy Tracker (our software for managing toy libraries) at Cornwall Council and doing the first training sessions for the North Cornwall group of libraries.
Toy Tracker has been configured to run on Citrix using a county-wide SQL database with PC, laptop and pocket PC access to the system. The system is also fully barcoded to make it easier for volunteers and occasional users to book toys in and out.
Next visits are in 3 weeks time when we extend the training to other sites.

Yellow Bike Project Update

We've had an excellent project meeting today at Lasyard House, with representatives from Yellow Bike Company and ML Electronics attending to discuss the final "challenges" with the project.
Yellow Bike Company (YBC) will be launching bright yellow electric and pedal bicycles for hire across the UK this year and the enterprise will be powered by software from Start Software.
The software incorporates a SQL database, Microsoft Access programming, a Windows Mobile pocket PC interface and an interactive booking website - so pretty much covers all of the technologies we use!
To help to publicise the yellow bikes, I'll be riding from London to Paris in the Spring on a yellow bike and had my first ride on one today (but only around the car park). The photo shows Paul from YBC and the bike (not yet in its bright yellow livery) ready for me to test.

Armstrong York switch to Tracker

Armstrong York are an experienced and capable environmental services company with a HQ in Barking, East London.
With a new focus on efficiency and quality, Armstrong York have decided to implement Tracker throughout their business to reduce administration costs and to improve the service they offer to their clients.
Installation, customisation and training are in progress and we expect to be fully live within the next few weeks.

New Premium Support Package launched

We've launched our new Premium Support Package today with features over and above those offered to standard support & maintenance customers.

Premium Support customers are offered:

- quarterly account management visits
- free minor software changes and upgrades
- priority over other customers.

If you would like to upgrade your support package, please contact us at the office.

The Premium Support package is available to Tracker clients, Toy Tracker customers and any other users of our software systems including our bespoke packages.

The latest support & maintenance contract is available to view and download from our website here.

Support and advice from Owen Patterson MP

Owen Patterson, MP for North Shropshire, takes an active interest in the dairy farming industry.
At a meeting today between Owen, Peter Allen (the brains behind our Total Diet Management v3 product) and me, we discussed options for marketing TDM and how best to reach the dairy farmer to demonstrate the increase in profits that TDM can deliver.
The advice from Owen was clear and very helpful and we will be using it to good effect in the next weeks and months.
(the photo shows Owen in animated conversation with Peter at Peter's home today).

Tracker Web Server update

Tracker Web Server v1.0.222 has completed testing and is available to clients.
The improvements in this release include:
  • an improved "action" screen
  • much better method for adding lots of actions at the same time
  • a better way of navigating library folders.
If you would like this update, please contact the office.

Resource Tracker update

A new version of Resource Tracker is available with performance improvements and the long-standing "red appointment" bug resolved.
Please contact the office if you would like the update applied to your system. Please request v1.0.355.

Snow: Reduced Service

Some staff have not been able to make it in today due to the difficult road conditions. All services are available but you may experience longer waits when requesting support.

Which Oil Supplier going live

Do you want to find the best price for home heating oil from a truly independent site?

Our latest project - - is going live as I write! is a new site we have developed for the dynamic team of Chris Bale and Mark Armstrong - do read their biographies on the website at is a good example of the technologies we know and trust - SQL database back-end, interactive web site, virtual servers...

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