Thursday, 2 February 2023

Support stats for January plus reminder to *call* if you need help

Performance was up on across the board in our Support Desk in January 2023 despite being particularly busy.

High priority calls and other categories all had a good response in January

Our support desks in the UK and Australia/New Zealand operate 24x7 with all calls being answered in person, no matter what time of day or night you need us.  

Please *call* rather than email if you need us out-of-hours - the phones are monitored but emails may not be, so please pick the phone up rather than messaging if you need help.  Thanks!

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Blue sky thinking at Anglian!

We had an excellent meeting at Alpha Tracker user Anglian Demolition & Asbestos on Monday.

Blue skies for a blue sky meeting!

The team at Anglian have lots of software ideas and we'll be taking them forward.  We love it when our clients bring ideas to improve existing systems and build new ones.  Do get in touch if you have ideas of your own!

Monday, 30 January 2023

Andrew has been to see Hugo Vihlen's boat - the current World Record holder - and other Big C Atlantic Challenge news!

Our director Robin had a blast catching up with Andrew Bedwell today, hearing about his World Record attempt's latest news.  Robin grabbed busy Andrew for a 3-minute update from a service station on the A14... 

Start Software is sponsoring Andrew in his attempt to cross the Atlantic (unsupported!) in a sailing boat that's only 1m long - yes that's 3 foot 3 inches, give or take!  Andrew's Big C Atlantic Challenge is raising money for cancer charities and he hopes to shave nearly two feet (60cm) off the existing record held by American Hugo Vihlen (read about Hugo's crossing here).

Andrew's boat will carry Start Software, Alpha Tracker and Alpha Legal/Alpha Portal branding on the side pods.  All of the Start team will be travelling up to meet Andrew and see the boat in action next month during the sea trials.

Follow Andrew's news as he nears the start of his voyage in May by liking and following his Facebook page or subscribe and follow our blog, here

Friday, 27 January 2023

Can we help Colette and NORAC with an air monitoring information gathering exercise?

Colette Willoughby has pinged us a question here at Alpha Tracker.


She is gathering information as part of her role at NORAC to see if the absolute requirement for analysts to undress after an asbestos clearance job is always justified and reasonable, based on the risks associated.  Colette has had a long-held and personal interest in protecting vulnerable analysts at work, especially female staff.

We would like to help Colette to gather summarised, anonymous data from Alpha Tracker systems to send to her and help her to understand the number of clearances failing at each stage, and the type of asbestos material being removed.

Please get in touch with Robin if you are happy for your data to be included.  It will be fully anonymised before collating with data from other consultancies.

Follow Colette on Twitter at

Friday, 20 January 2023

New Legionella book available from Alpha Tracker users Acorn Safety Services

Leading health & safety experts Ian Stone & Neil Munro of Acorn Safety Services have published their new book which delves into the hidden dangers of Legionella bacteria.

Click to read more - or buy the book!

PS our brand new Alpha Tracker water hygiene module incorporating online and offline data capture for all types of legionella risk assessment and monitoring jobs is demoing nicely... contact us to find out more or to arrange your demo

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Another Alpha Legal milestone... 10,000 documents have now been securely shared

We've hit another Alpha Legal milestone.  10,000 documents have now been shared securely with clients!

Alpha Legal's Jack, Dan, James, Zac & Tom holding up bits of paper!

Can we help your business with the industry's most secure and easiest-to-use client portal?  Get in touch!

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Lots of activity at the Big C Atlantic Challenge. Our Start Software pods are nearly ready

Andrew Bedwell has been busy finishing his boat for his world record attempt.  He'll be setting off to cross the Atlantic in the shortest vessel ever - it's only 3 feet long! - in just a couple of months.

We're proudly sponsoring Andrew to help him to achieve his goal and raise much-needed funds for cancer charities.  The pods on the boat will be carrying the Start Software logo along with those for our Alpha Tracker and Alpha Portal products.  The designs for the pods are nearly complete.

We're doing all we can to support the incredible Andrew Bedwell and his Big C Atlantic Challenge

Follow Andrew's story on Facebook here: