Friday, 18 June 2021

New "Silver Standard" ID check available

We've added a new form of ID document request to Alpha Legal, called the "Silver Standard".

Sitting between Basic/Bronze and Gold Standard is the new Silver Standard ID document check.  This requires:
  • photo ID (eg a passport or driving licence)
  • a single proof of address (eg a utility bill)
  • a bank statement, and
  • the client's signature.
Alpha Legal now has a "Silver Standard" ID document request option

This check costs just 10 credits and is ideal for IFAs, estate agents and will writers needing to verify the identity of the client without needing the "liveness check" provided by the Gold Standard video.

Alpha Legal is used by 100s of estate planners, will writers, accountants, solicitors and IFAs every day to communicate securely with their clients.

Extract data, create reports, analyse your business! Try Alpha Tracker's Query Writer

You don't need to be a rocket scientist! Alpha Tracker has a really easy-to-use way to extract data, create reports and analyse the data behind your business.

Say hello to the Query Writer! Pick the information you want to extract, set your filter and decide how to sort the data - easy! You can output to screen or to Excel for further analysis or for printing.

Alpha Tracker's Query Writer is super-easy to use

You'll find the Query Writer in the Reports menu. Let us know if you need any help! We're here 24x7 for you.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Meet our latest Alpha Legal subscriber - Gerard James Estate Planning Ltd of Leicester

The latest estate planning & will writing business to register with Alpha Legal is Gerard James Estate Planning Ltd based in Evington, Leicester.

What a great website with lots of estate planning information

Gerard James offers a full range of estate planning services including:

Here is one of their excellent testimonials:

"Gerard is well qualified and extremely knowledgeable. He undertakes a thorough and detailed review of your circumstances ensuring that the final will document exactly mirrors your requirements. With his excellent manner and attention to detail it is a great relief to have finally completed this task which I had been putting off for so long"

Comments like this are very reassuring and Gerard James welcomes contact from new clients.  Click here for contact details.

Still using spreadsheets to track your reports? Try the Alpha Tracker Projects Dashboard

Our Alpha Tracker trainer Kim has been working with new asbestos consultancy clients this month to help them to streamline their processes.

There's a brilliant Projects Dashboard in Alpha Tracker which has enabled some to drop all of their tracking spreadsheets.  Take a look for yourself, you'll find it in the Projects menu:

The Alpha Tracker Projects Dashboard

Drop Kim an email if you want any help with your Alpha Tracker installation, she'll be glad to help.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

How to follow up quotes & enquiries in Alpha Tracker

Once you've logged an enquiry or generated & sent a quote in Alpha Tracker, how do you record the follow-up calls and emails afterwards?

It's easy in Alpha Tracker to keep on top of your live enquiries and open quotes.  The main enquiry and quote lists show you the current status, completely automatically and colour-coded so that you know which to chase next:

Alpha Tracker shows you which enquiry or quote to chase next

To record your follow-up call or email to your client, click the number of follow-ups, and a window appears so you can do it with just one click:

 Do you have any questions?  Get in touch!  We're here 24x7 for you.

Refer a friend today and you'll both receive 500 free credits

Ask a friend to try Alpha Legal and you'll both receive 500 free credits as soon as they sign up.  Easy!

It's easy to refer a friend to try Alpha Legal

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

ID requests up 25% month-on-month - Alpha Legal is the safest and easiest way to get ID from your client

We are all working in the "new normal" whether we like it or not!  Clients do not expect to come to see you in person, just to hand you their passport and driving licence.  Why should they?

ID requests within Alpha Legal are 25% up, month-on-month.  Another 4,000 ID requests have flown through the Alpha Legal system.

These 4,000 clients have been able to sit at home and easily send photos of their passport, driving licences, bank statements and other documents straight from their phone knowing that the process was completely secure. 

Don't ask for ID documents by email - email is not secure!  Instead, use Alpha Legal - easy, safe & secure.