Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Countrywide introduce Alpha Legal to their consultants

Our partners at Countrywide Tax & Trust have been introducing and promoting Alpha Legal to their 1000s of consultants across the UK in a special webinar.

We had the chance to watch it too - what a great introduction to the benefits of using Alpha Legal whether you're a will writer, estate planner or solicitor.

Some screen-grabs from the Countrywide Alpha Legal webinar

Some of the benefits that Countrywide showed off were

  • secure requests for ID documents including passports, driving licences & "it's me" videos

  • simple and secure document sharing

  • a fully-branded client portal

  • electronic signatures for one signatory or multiple - so easy to set up and use.
Want to watch the webinar yourself?  Get in touch with Countrywide here.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Is Alpha Legal only for young people? How do older folk manage with electronic ID checks?

One of the questions we're often asked here at Alpha Legal is How do older people react when asked to send their ID documents electronically?  Do older people manage OK or do they struggle with technology?

In our experience, senior citizens are just as capable as younger generations when using technology.  A year of social distancing has been the game-changer here.  Smartphones, tablets and laptops have all been grasped with open arms in order that grandparents (in particular) have been able to keep in touch with children and grandchildren.  

Don't assume that grey hair means that users will struggle with Alpha Legal, because, likely as not, they won't!

Here is an article from today's Guardian newspaper which really backs up that claim:

Let us know your experience with electronic ID checks in Alpha Legal and other products.  Have you found that older users are generally comfortable?  Comment below!

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

A record week for Alpha Legal

Our Alpha Legal platform for will writers, estate agents, solicitors and accountants has had a record week!

Subscriptions are up 143% and use of the meeting diary has doubled!

Have you tried the built-in meeting diary yet?  Give it a go!

Alpha Legal meeting calendar

Not subscribed yet?  Still wondering whether Alpha Legal will work for your business?  Give it a try - you'll get 50 free credits to try the system and you can cancel at any time.  Register now!  It takes seconds to sign up and you'll then have access to:
  • easy ID requests to on-board your clients

  • document sharing and electronic signatures

  • meeting calendar (which works with Outlook, Google Calendars and other diaries)

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Branded Subscription benefits in Alpha Legal - your own Client Portal and more!

Want to make the most of your brand?

Would you like your clients to see your logo and company name in every communication you have with them? 

Would you like to add more value to each and every interaction you have with your clients?  

Alpha Legal's Branded Subscription is for you!

Alpha Legal Branded Subscription

For only an extra £10/month, you will receive the following benefits:
  • a fully branded Client Portal so you and your clients can share documents securely

  • your company branding on all emails sent by Alpha Legal

  • all forms & messages (eg ID requests and COVID home visits) branded with your logo
You can upgrade in 60 seconds within Alpha Legal itself - click your Profile image in the top right and then the "..." next to Subscriptions.  Or contact us and we'll walk you through it.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Client not happy to sign? Alpha Legal helps them to tell you why

You've shared a document with your client for electronic signature within Alpha Legal but they're not happy to sign.  What happens next?

Sharing a document for signature is so easy in Alpha Legal

It's easy! With an update coming out this week, your client can tell you exactly why they don't want to sign.  Whether the problem is:

  • spelling mistakes

  • names not correctly specified, or

  • issues with the document structure or intention
your client will be able to quickly and easily highlight their objections.

Alpha Legal isn't "just another electronic signature platform", it has been built to help you and clients communicate easily, safely and securely.  Alpha Legal: easy, safe & secure.

We're hiring! Alpha Anywhere developers needed for new project work

Are you an Alpha Anywhere software developer with time to work on new projects?

Start Software is looking for new Alpha Anywhere developers

We're hiring! It doesn't matter where in the world you live, we already have developers working around the globe. We're a specialist Alpha software development business and we're growing.

Get in touch and tell us all about yourself:

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

No more blurry ID photos! Alpha Legal checks them for you

Are you fed up with clients sending you blurry photos of their driving licence or passport?

Or perhaps they send you photos without the important serial numbers showing in full?

What a waste of time this can be! Alpha Legal has the solution.

Alpha Legal checks the uploaded photos completely automatically

If your client's photo of their ID document (typically a driving licence or passport) isn't good enough, they will be prompted to retake it before sending.  For example:
  • if the photo is blurry

  • if they have used the wrong document

  • if they have "cut off" the important driving licence number or passport number, or

  • if their date of birth doesn't match what they have entered.
What a time-saver for you and your client.

Another problem solved with Alpha Legal: easy, safe and secure.