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About Start Software

Start Software is an award-winning developer and leading publisher of asbestos software, systems for the legal services industry and more.

Want to know more about asbestos software Alpha Tracker? Alpha Tracker is the most used asbestos software in the UK, Australia & New Zealand with more than 60m items of asbestos data stored.

Our legal services software Alpha Legal helps will writers, accountants, solicitors, IFAs and estate agents to communicate securely with clients. Read about developments here on the blog.

Or need help with Alpha Anywhere or Alpha Transform projects or software development? You'll find useful info here.

Alpha Tracker Release 37.5 is now available with a new user interface, intelligent search and a major Alpha Draw update

Welcome to Release 37.5 of asbestos software Alpha Tracker!  

Ahead of the next major update (Release 38, due in a couple of months) we wanted to get some important improvements out for our wonderful Alpha Tracker asbestos consultancy users around the world.

Here's a quick video to show you the highlights:

(you can also watch the video here:

The three key updates are:

  1. The new user interface - cleaner, faster, easy-to-use

  2. Intelligent search! One box, one search, search everywhere.  Genius!

  3. A major Alpha Draw update including auto colour-coding sample tags after lab results are processed.
Kim's release notes are live already here:

Hope you enjoy the update.  If you need help or have any questions, get in touch 24x7 (UK or Aus/NZ).

Another Alpha Tracker order placed. Welcome Core Surveys - asbestos specialists based in Sussex & South Wales

A big Alpha Tracker welcome to Core Surveys, the latest asbestos specialist to choose asbestos software Alpha Tracker to help them to become even more efficient.

Core has chosen asbestos software Alpha Tracker

We'll post more updates as Core comes online.  Can we help your asbestos consultancy to work even better?  Do get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

New Alpha Tracker "API" available - your programmers can now link even more systems to Alpha Tracker

One of our principles is that Alpha Tracker data is your data, not ours.  

We build the software and support you and your business, but we believe it is your data and we make it as accessible as possible to our asbestos consultancy clients via downloads, Excel, direct access to the database and file system, even via the amazing Zapier (see this blog post).

Our latest method for you to integrate Alpha Tracker with other systems is our new Alpha Tracker API - an Application Programming Interface.  The API allows you to access data but also create sites, buildings and projects from another software system.

The Alpha Tracker API documentation

Your developers can access the API documentation here.  Do get in touch with Alpha Tracker product lead Jack for more information.

Denas Analytical asbestos laboratory are live with Alpha Tracker

Denas Analytical are the latest asbestos lab to choose asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

Some of the Denas asbestos lab analysts

Our trainer Kim really enjoyed meeting the Denas staff at their training session.

Can we help your asbestos lab to be more efficient?  Do get in touch!

We're back! We've opened a second office and it's back where Start Software began

We've just opened a second office and it's back where Start Software began, at Lasyard House in Bridgnorth.

We needed space for our sales team and occasional space for developers to hold design meetings, and Lasyard House has proved to be perfect.  It feels like home-from-home as we started off in the same building in Bridgnorth back in... 2004?!?  Yes, that makes us feel very old.

Dan, Jack & Tom at Lasyard House

PS The hot pork sandwich shop next door is pleased, too!

Another Alpha Tracker implementation in progress for a District Health Board

Another Alpha Tracker asbestos software order has arrived from a District Health Board.

Many of New Zealand's District Health Boards are now Alpha Tracker users

Health Boards are using Alpha Tracker to manage the asbestos within their estate - hospitals, offices and health centres.  

Alpha Tracker is used by asbestos consultancies and their clients to locate, record and manage asbestos.  If we can help you to manage your asbestos, get in touch - Australia/New Zealand or UK.

"Excellent tool to have in my armoury" - estate planner Simon Bowman is loving his branded Alpha Legal ID video

Branded Alpha Legal subscribers get the benefit of personalised YouTube videos to help clients to complete their ID checks.

Here is Qualified Professional Estate Planner Simon Bowman's video:

Alpha Legal is helping Will Writer Simon Bowman to build his brand

Simon says:
"What an excellent tool to have in my armoury.  This is *so* useful to my clients - and it strengthens my brand, too"
Would you like to upgrade your subscription?  Simply sign in, click My Profile and then “Upgrade to the Branded package now”.  Give us a call on 0333 301 1010 if you get stuck!

The risks of ransomware - another UK legal firm fined nearly £100K

Fines are one of the consequences of becoming infected with ransomware.  

Criminal defence firm Tuckers Solicitors is the latest business to have been hit with a significant fine from the Information Commissioner.  Their penalty was nearly £100K - a significant sum and a result of the ICO deciding that insufficient measures had been taken to protect their data and documents.

Perhaps you don't know know what ransomware is?  Here's a guide from our Alpha Legal cybersecurity specialists:

So, how can you protect yourself against ransomware?  Subscribing to Alpha Legal is the first step - reducing your company's reliance on insecure emails and baking security into your business.

Make sure the data on your servers is encrypted and appropriately backed up - with backups being regularly tested.  

Finally, if you are subject to a ransomware attack, get professional advice early.

Read Mesothelioma UK's latest newsletter

The awesome team at asbestos cancer Mesothelioma UK have just published their latest newsletter.

Read it here!

The Alpha Tracker team are proud to support Mesothelioma UK and all of the wonderful work they do.

New "template" feature coming soon to Alpha Draw

Thanks for all of the feedback following the release of our updated Alpha Draw site plan app which accompanies asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

Alpha Draw "template" option is coming next

One of the features requested is a "template" feature whereby a drawing can be saved by a surveyor as a blueprint for use in subsequent surveys.  We're adding that feature in now and expect it to be ready within a fortnight.

Is there anything else you'd like to see?  Get in touch!

Will we see you at the Modern Law Awards 2022? Alpha Legal is an award sponsor - see you there!

The amazing Modern Law Awards 2022 are fast approaching.  

The award ceremony is being held on Thursday 7 April at The Brewery, London and Alpha Legal is sponsoring one of the key awards.  We'll be there to celebrate success in the legal industry after two years of change accelerated by the Covid pandemic.

Alpha Legal is a key sponsor at the Modern Law Awards 2022

We're looking forward to meeting the nominees and presenting the award to the winners.  See you there!

"Our House" drama mentioned by Martin Lewis on ITV last night - together with another way to protect against property fraud

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis mentioned the ITV drama "Our House" on his ITV show last night (see our blog post from earlier in the week).  The dangers of property fraud are huge and ID theft and email interception/manipulation are often the root cause which is why Alpha Legal is so important to all businesses working in property sales and rental.

Remember that emails are not secure! Asking clients for ID documents or their bank details by email is a recipe for disaster.

Alpha Legal & the Land Registry Property Alerty scheme protect your clients from property fraud

Martin Lewis pointed viewers towards the Land Registry's Property Alert scheme which is free to access and which can alert property owners to any activity (for example, a mortgage application) linked to one of their registered properties.

The Land Registry says that their scheme has prevented more than 400 frauds worth £207 million since 2009.  

Find out more here:

Our House? ITV's new thriller starts tonight - will it be a case where Alpha Legal could have saved the day?

Imagine coming home after a holiday to find another family moving into your house. 

There have been real-life horror stories in the press over the last couple of years where ID theft and the interception and modification of emails have led to this truly awful situation - emails are not secure!  

We've actually blogged about email-related fraud in the housing market before - see

Watch "Our House" starting tonight at 9pm on ITV

ITV are showing a new drama starting tonight at 9pm - Our House.  On the face of it, the story might mirror the real-world case of the Reverend Mike Hall - or perhaps (it's a thriller, after all!) there might be more to it!  Watch the trailer here and the first episode tonight which airs at 9pm.

Alpha Legal protects you and your clients from the dangers of using email in your business.

Major Alpha Draw update now live - automatically colour-code sample tags, import drawings, new arrow tools, and more

Alpha Draw is Alpha Tracker's companion site plan drawing app.  We've been working hard the last month or two and a major update is now live on the web and on the Google and Apple app stores.

Some of the improvements on show in Alpha Draw

Here are some of the improvements you'll see:

  • there are now 48 new arrows to use on drawings

  • you can attach text to an arrow to highlight the issue being identified

  • the surveyor can manually code-code sample tags as they are placed on the plan, and/or...

  • ..admin staff can click one button to automatically colour-code sample tags based on the lab analysis

  • any plan already saved in the Alpha Tracker project folder (for example, one provided by the client) can be used by the surveyor on-site.

Click to download the updated manual

This update is already live for all users of Alpha Draw - enjoy!

Best support desk performance for 6 months! 98% of callers satisfied

Our Support Desk team has just turned in their best performance for 6 months.

We're here 24x7 to help you

98% of callers (actually, 97.87% to be precise!) who called in with a high priority issue were satisfied with the time it took to resolve the problem.

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