Monday, 28 June 2021

Account Management features coming next in Alpha Tracker

Alpha Tracker has a whole range of CRM* features baked-in but nothing specifically for Account Management - the process of keeping track of your key clients and the contact you have with them.

Some of the "CRM" features already in Alpha Tracker

Although Alpha Tracker is typically used by environmental consultancies and organisations with an asbestos problem to solve, it is also used by other types of company to manage day-to-day operations.  We even use it ourselves to run Start Software!

Account Management is one area we at Start currently manage by spreadsheet, but that should really not be necessary.  Working with some of our larger clients, we're now adding specific features and screens to help all users of Alpha Tracker to manage their key accounts.  A few more spreadsheets will be able to go to the Recycle Bin - success!

Get in touch if you have ideas to make Account Management work well in Alpha Tracker - we love to hear from you.

*CRM is Customer Relationship Management - tracking calls, tasks, contacts, activity, even quotes & sales

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