Thursday, 23 December 2010

End of a long year... hope 2011 is shorter!

2010 has felt pretty challenging to us with the UK's financial situation still being very precarious and with serious competitors coming into many of our markets for the first time.

We've held our market positions, opened new offices, started major new development projects, and have ended the year as we started it - in a sound financial position and with optimism for the New Year.  Our two Quality accreditations have been renewed (ISO9001 and AccredIT) and our clients feel that the support we give them is more organised and more reliable than previously.

So is it any wonder we're all so tired?!?  The last few weeks of weather have been the final straw making journeys to clients that big longer and more stressful.

Here's to a simpler, easier, shorter(!) 2011 for us all.  Cheers!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Happy Christmas from all at Start!

Thanks for supporting us and following our blog this year.

This Christmas we're making a donation to the RNLI instead of sending cards, so please accept our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and we look forward to speaking to you and seeing you again in 2011.


Robin, Adam, Elaine, Kim, Stuart, Dan and Shane

PS Our support line (0845 612 2402) is open as usual between Christmas and New Year so please do ring if you're unlucky enough to be working yourselves and need our help!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Improved photo processing for Android data collection

Are you now using Android phones/pocket PCs for your asbestos surveying?  For example, HTC Desire or Desire Z units or Motorola Milestones or Milestone 2s?  We are selling a good range in our on-line shop:

Android devices tend to store photos at larger file sizes than Windows Mobile devices so we have improved the way that photos are processed in Tracker to ensure that performance and reliability remains high.

If you would like this update applied to your surveying module, please let the office know.