Friday, 29 January 2016

Alpha Validator update released

The automated survey data checking feature within asbestos software Alpha Tracker (known as "AlphaValidator") has been updated again.  This follows on from the update released on 11 December (more info here).

an example of AlphaValidator's data check output

This update - v1.0.74 SVN25 - is ready now to download from our website and improves the way photos of asbestos samples are validated.

Please do contact the Start Software Support Desk (available 24x7!) if you would like help installing the update.

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  1. Hell0! I thinks this update is very important, thank you so much for conducting this changes to the app, also what do you think about hiring embedded engineers for building an app even further in terms of optimization and user experience, your feedback is very appreciated, thank you for attention.