Monday, 7 June 2021

18 out of 20 urgent support calls resolved within 2 hours in May 2021

Our Start Software support desk helps Alpha Legal and Alpha Tracker users when they have questions or queries.  Did you know we're available 24x7, in person, on a local rate number?

Our target for urgent problems is either to solve them during the call, or within 2 hours if we need to phone the caller back.  

In May 2021, we answered 89% of these calls in these challenging timescales (nearly 18 out of every 20 calls).  That's not bad at all, but we are always looking to improve.  Please do let us know if we can do better!

Support desk performance over 12 months to May 2021

PS we are sometimes asked what our most common callers ask us.

Our Alpha Legal users (typically will writers, estate agents, solicitors and accountants) are often calling to ask how to send information securely to their clients - often now via the easy-to-use client portal.

Our Alpha Tracker clients (typically asbestos consultants, asbestos surveyors or building/estate managers) might be calling from site to ask for help when capturing asbestos-related data for an asbestos report.

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