Friday, 18 June 2021

New "Silver Standard" ID check available

We've added a new form of ID document request to Alpha Legal, called the "Silver Standard".

Sitting between Basic/Bronze and Gold Standard is the new Silver Standard ID document check.  This requires:
  • photo ID (eg a passport or driving licence)
  • a single proof of address (eg a utility bill)
  • a bank statement, and
  • the client's signature.
Alpha Legal now has a "Silver Standard" ID document request option

This check costs just 10 credits and is ideal for IFAs, estate agents and will writers needing to verify the identity of the client without needing the "liveness check" provided by the Gold Standard video.

Alpha Legal is used by 100s of estate planners, will writers, accountants, solicitors and IFAs every day to communicate securely with their clients.

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