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Alpha Tracker Release 36 is now available

Jack has released Alpha Tracker Release 36 and it is now available for you to update your system.

Here's a 5-minute intro to this update - it's well worth watching if you can find the time.

I've highlighted some of the new features for you in the video:

  • more sophisticated quote and project cost breakdowns

  • a better (simpler) screen for entering asbestos lab results

  • equipment QR codes for tracking and asset management

  • faster document creation

  • the new Account Management features.
Kim is finishing the release notes now - we'll blog again as soon as they are ready to download.  It's always worth doing that and keeping the release notes to show the accreditation body at the next visit.


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  4. Congratulations on the release of Alpha Tracker Release 36! With the inclusion of features such as equipment QR codes for tracking and asset management, this update presents an opportunity to further enhance efficiency and organization within the system. Integrating iot gps tracking technology could provide even more robust asset monitoring capabilities, ensuring real-time visibility and streamlined management. Additionally, the new Account Management features could be complemented with IoT GPS tracking to bolster user access control and security protocols, contributing to a more secure and controlled system environment. Don't hesitate to explore the potential benefits of integrating IoT GPS tracking into future updates for an even more comprehensive and advanced system.


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