Wednesday, 15 December 2021

5* feedback from a busy asbestos consultancy following our HSG248 updates - thanks Allium!

Allium Environmental's Technical Manager has just shared this feedback with us after we updated their Alpha Tracker system for the new HSG248 updates.  Thanks, Rob - glad you're pleased!

5* feedback for our HSG248 updates

Here's the feedback we received on Alpha Tracker Release 37:
"...Tracker Air was the logical choice for Allium due to the use of Alpha Tracker in other areas of the business.

The functionality of the program enabled us to concentrate on other aspects of the accreditation process, with our early beta testing proving very successful. Further updates have enabled the transition to version 2 of HSG 248 to be much simpler than it could have been, with all of the bases covered. 

Lastly, it cannot be stressed how much positive feedback we get from our client base, with regards to the layout and aesthetics to the final reports. Thanks to all involved for the continued support."

Rob Connor
Technical Manager
Allium Environmental 


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