Friday, 12 November 2021

Yet another cyber security incident causes chaos in the UK legal sector - protect your business with Alpha Legal

Each week we are seeing stories of chaos caused by cyber security breaches affecting the UK legal sector.

The latest story relates to My Home Move and their subsidiary, Premier Property Lawyers.  Read the BBC coverage here:

1,000s of house buyers have been affected by the cyber security breach

What has this got to do with Alpha Legal?

Alpha Legal is a secure communication platform.  Alpha Legal providers solicitors, will writers, IFAs, estate agents and accountants with an easy, safe & secure way to send and receive sensitive and personal information from clients.

Emails are not secure - and email servers are often compromised allowing hackers to access personal data and/or distribute ransomware and cause chaos for the affected business.  

Alpha Legal protects you and your clients, reducing the risk of critical cyber security issues.

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