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Alpha Tracker Release 37 is now available - it's an important one if you have an asbestos lab or you undertake air monitoring services for your clients

The team have wrapped up Alpha Tracker Release 37 and it's now publicly available.

Release 37 is version 5683 of asbestos software Alpha Tracker which means that there are more than 300 updates since we published Release 36 in August.  It's a big update.

This release is also an important update if you have an asbestos lab and/or you use Tracker Air, our air monitoring module.   The updated asbestos analysts' guide - HSG248 - has caused us to update Alpha Tracker in a number of ways, including:
  • non-asbestos samples now count as 2 points in the lab, by default

  • we have implemented the new "< 40 points" blind checking process

  • the time that an analyst has started and finished with microscopes can now be recorded

  • the Tracker Air air monitoring process has been revamped and updated to reflect the new requirements.
In addition, we've also added some amazing new features and made big improvements to others:
  • the new map scheduling tool with automatic text confirmations to tenants is available - a massive help for any consultancy working with domestic surveying for councils and housing associations

  • all of our geocoding programming code has been rewritten for faster mapping of clients, projects & sites

  • we have improved and renamed some calendar screens.  "Select Resource" is now "Staff Calendar", and "Calendar" is now "Company Calendar"

  • the login screen has been improved, including the incorporation of your own company logo

  • our QR code feature has been improved for better formatting of QR codes for site registers, projects and QR codes for individual items of asbestos.

  • finally, there is a new project pipeline feature on the client portal - great for your clients to track progress of jobs.
Please do send over ideas for Release 38 of Alpha Tracker.  We want to hear from you!


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