Monday, 13 December 2021

Customer feedback from the HSG248 updates for our Tracker Air module within Alpha Tracker

It's been a challenge to get the HSG248 changes into our Tracker Air (asbestos fibre/air monitoring) module in time for the end-of-November deadline.  Other asbestos software providers are still working on their updates and we've heard of angry consultancies disappointed that their updates were not completed in time - we're really pleased to say that all Alpha Tracker customers were notified before the end of November.

Customer feedback for our HSG248 changes has been really good

Not every update has gone smoothly, but most have gone without a hitch and some of the early feedback we've had has been excellent.  This comment from the Technical Manager at one of our bigger clients is typical:

"I will say that I’m loving the new additions to Tracker air – it looks really aesthetically tidy, and is nice and easy to read for laymen and qualified employees"

If you have similar comments, or would like to see changes or improvements, please do get in touch.

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