Friday, 29 October 2021

Alpha Legal has been updated - it's a big one!

The latest Alpha Legal update is now live and it's a big one!

Alpha Legal meeting planner, Zapier, Intellifo

Look out for:
  1. a new Meeting Planner to help you to find a suitable time to meet your clients - ideal for Trustee meetings, for example, where there are many attendees, all with busy diaries!

  2. Zapier integration so that you can automatically send forms to clients and trigger Zaps when clients return information to you.  Not sure what Zapier is?  Take a look at this blog post or go to

  3. integration with the IFA tool Intelliflo so that you can share and sign documents via Alpha Legal direct from your Intelliflo portal

  4. a new way to send personalised ID requests to clients, to help those for whom the standard set of ID documents just isn't appropriate (for example, non-UK residents).
Each of these new features deserves a blog post in its own right, so watch this space for more information about how you can take advantage to improve your business workflow.

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