Friday, 14 January 2022

"Keep up the good work" - a thank you received from Enviraz Technical Manager Stephen Moffat

We've just announced our Alpha Tracker plans for 2022 - and what big plans there are!

We’re expecting 3 major releases over the next 12 months:

  • Release 38 will be ready by the Spring.  We’ll have completed the Zapier work, 360-degree photos (see this blog and this one) and a very exciting new integration – more details to follow on this!

  • Release 39 will be a major Summer update to improve the user interface.  We’re making Alpha Tracker faster, easier to use and easier on the eye.   It will also be much easier to use on a tablet or smartphone

  • Release 40 in the Autumn will help you make the most of the cloud.  We’re moving away from relying on individual servers to give you more and more flexibility in how you deploy Alpha Tracker to reduce your costs and increase flexibility.

Stephen Moffat, Technical Manager at asbestos specialist Enviraz, replied to our 2022 plan email with some lovely comments.  Here they are for you to read:

Lovely comments from Stephen (Enviraz)

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