Wednesday, 26 January 2022

We're chuffed with this one! We've given Alpha Tracker the smartest search in the industry - say hello to Intellisearch

Watch out for our new Intellisearch feature in Alpha Tracker Release 38 - it's a game-changer!

We've made the Search box do everything - with one click!

The Menu Search box made an appearance a few years ago and I reminded people about it last month, here:

Being able to search all of the menu items is really useful - but we've just made it even better!

You can now search for pretty much anything just by typing into this one box.  In addition to being able to search the menu, users can now type in:
  • project numbers, to open a specific project

  • client names or client IDs

  • site or job names, and even

  • surveyor names to see what they are working on.
I can imagine the rest of the asbestos software industry seeing this feature and copying it (like so many of the updates we include in Alpha Tracker!).  Just remember that you saw it here first!

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