Friday, 14 January 2022

Government newsflash! Video-witnessed wills legalisation extended

The Ministry of Justice has announced that anyone isolating can continue to have wills witnessed virtually until January 2024 - hugely extending the existing deadline.

Welcome announcement from MoJ - video-witnessed wills extended 

The MoJ press release says:

"Vulnerable people across England and Wales will continue to be able to have their wills witnessed via video-link up until 2024, under legislation laid today (11 January 2022) to extend measures brought in during the pandemic.

The change will extend until 2024 this ability for those who are forced to isolate either with covid or from another vulnerability. This will reassure all those who need to use this provision that their final wishes are legally-recognised as witnesses previously had to be physically present.

Law Society research has found that around 14 percent of legal professionals who had been involved in making a will since the change in 2020 had used software such as Zoom or FaceTime for witnessing wills.

To protect people against undue influence and fraud, two witnesses are still required and virtual witnessing is only recognised if the quality of the sound and video is sufficient to see and hear what is happening."

We have big plans here at Alpha Legal to help clients to witness documents virtually - watch this space. 

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