Saturday, 8 January 2022

2021 was a record year for cyber-criminals - $14bn dollars worth of scams!

Alpha Legal is designed to protect you and your clients from cyber-criminals.  By giving you safe, secure and easy mechanisms to communicate with your clients, we are helping to minimise the risks you face online.

With everyone working in the "new normal" now, onboarding clients remotely and working via Zoom and not face-to-face, cyber-criminals are having a field day and exploiting businesses who are still reliant on insecure methods of communication such as email.  Remember - emails are not secure - and Alpha Legal's documents, forms and ID processing give you a safe and easy alternative.

Cyber-crime is on the increase, year-on-year

In 2021, cyber-criminals used scams to extract more than $14bn worth of cryptocurrency from their victims.  This is a record amount and shockingly high.  Cryptocurrency is generally used by scammers because it is virtually impossible to trace.  Ransomware, in particular, generates vast amounts of income for criminal gangs.

We've recorded a useful video here about ransomware to help you to understand the problem and how to protect yourself from this most evil of crimes:

We'll be posting more videos shortly about other types of cyber-attack and how you can protect yourself.  If you'd like us to record videos on any topic in particular, do get in touch.

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