Tuesday, 6 July 2021

New version of Tracker Filer in beta test - it's a cracker

The latest version of Tracker Filer is nearly ready.  We're excited!

Tracker Filer is your "personal robot", filing emails and attachments into Alpha Tracker

Think of Tracker Filer as your email robot helper for asbestos software Alpha Tracker - it reads emails and files them in the correct folder.  It's always worked for quotations and projects (it reads the emails looking for quote references and job numbers) but we've added an amazing new feature.

It also now works for general emails sent to your clients, even those not related to a specific quote or project

For example, if you send a general "how's business" email to a key client, it will now intelligently file that email against the contact record in Alpha Tracker and update the new Account Management screen.  That means you can tell, at a glance, which key contacts need some attention and which you are overloading with spam!

We'll blog again soon when the feature is ready.  AI robots are here to stay!

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