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Site staff view live work diaries on their smartphones with Alpha Tracker's Calendar Sync

How do you send the work schedule to your site staff? Are you send emails or spreadsheets?

How do you tell one of your asbestos surveyors where they are working next week and who to ask for when they arrive on site?  Is this another email or phone call you have to send?

Do your Legionella analysts know what sites they are taking samples at without reading through emails?

Is this all a pain in your current asbestos software system?

Alpha Tracker's Calendar Sync feature is the answer!  It replicates the Alpha Tracker diary with Google or Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) calendars and means that staff only need to look on their phone diary to see where and what they are doing each day.

Alpha Tracker's Calendar Sync means your staff always know what they are doing

Another bonus is that Calendar Sync also sends the address of the site to the calendar so Google Maps can be used for driving directions - with literally no extra effort on the part of the surveyor!

If you are not using Calendar Sync in your Alpha Tracker installation, do get in touch with our support desk.  It's another massive timesaver in your business and we want you to get the most out of our software.


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