Friday, 2 July 2021

Reminder! Close old projects in Alpha Tracker for best system performance

Are you guilty of finishing jobs in Alpha Tracker but leaving them "open" forever?  Don't worry if you are, it's easy to sort and the benefits of closing old jobs are huge!

It's so easy to close a completed project and there are lots of benefits:
  • key screens will open more quickly

  • asbestos surveyors will get faster updates to Tracker Mobile

  • you will be sure to invoice every job because you can't close a chargeable project unless the invoice has been raised.
The quickest way to close an individual project is to double-click the Project Closed box:

Double-click the Project Closed box to quickly close a project

You can also use "EasyClose" or - if you're really stuck for time - ask us to batch close projects for you as a one-off.

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