Monday, 21 February 2022

Worrying ransomware report - take extra care about how you use emails in your business

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has just published its latest ransomware report, headlined "Joint advisory highlights increased globalised threat of ransomware".

It's worth a read - download by clicking this link

There are some seriously worrying findings here.  As an Alpha Legal subscriber, you're protecting yourself from many of these threats, but they are still worth reading and noting:
  • criminals are mainly gaining access via email "phishing" campaigns

    Alpha Legal protects you by reducing your reliance on emails in your business.

  • hackers share information about potential victims - so fall for a scam once and you will be targeted more and more

    There is no safe way to use emails to send and receive sensitive information - emails are not secure! - use Alpha Legal's secure forms instead

  • criminals are targeting smaller and smaller businesses - everyone is at risk

    with subscriptions starting at only £10/month, Alpha Legal is affordable for all sizes of business.
We're here to help.  We are working with 1000s of legal organisations, IFAs, accountants and estate agents to help them to protect their businesses, their reputation and their clients.  Can we help you?  Get in touch!

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