Tuesday, 22 February 2022

How much will a "phishing" attack cost your small business? On average, £8,460!

Remember our "emails are not secure" message?  One reason is "phishing" - these are emails where hackers convince staff to give away personal or security information.  This information is then used to gain access to company or network resources.

£8,460 per attack on average for a small business - or £13,400 for a larger one

The latest security report from security consultancy Bulletproof (read in full here) shows that, on average, a phishing attack will cost a small business £8,460 and £13,400 for a larger one.

Alpha Legal reduces your reliance on emails and reduces the risk of you falling foul of a phishing attack.  At only £35/month for a fully branded subscription, it's money well spent.  Register here now.

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