Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Software update available: Multi-page lab certificates are now automatically inserted into asbestos reports "page by page"

We've just improved Alpha Tracker to help consultancies and labs working with the largest asbestos surveys.

Asbestos surveying consultancies & labs working with large reports will benefit

Adam has just finished an update to Alpha Tracker Document Manager to save staff time and effort when incorporating multi-page lab certificates into asbestos survey reports.

Previously, when Alpha Tracker asked Word to insert the PDF lab certificate and it ran over more than one page, there would be some manual effort required to reformat the document as Word only inserts the first page of a PDF, not all pages.

Adam's update - known as ATDM v1.4.1936 - automates the process and automatically splits the PDF into multiple pages and inserts them all, one-by-one.  This will be a real time-saver for asbestos admin staff.

Contact our support desk if you would like this update applied to your system.  It is free of charge to all users with active support contracts.

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