Friday, 25 February 2022

View previously taken samples! A new drop-down is available in Tracker Mobile

Another update to Tracker Mobile is available.  This is another really useful and important update, following on the heels of the "search" update we blogged about here.

An overdue update! View previously taken samples (and rooms) while surveying

We can now add drop-downs to Tracker Mobile forms to show previously used samples for information (or for use in cross-references/visually similar asbestos samples) and previously recorded rooms, too.  

This was possible before, of course, but only by saving the form the surveyor was working in and returning to the list of samples already taken - now it can be seen whilst the surveyor is recording the new item.  Much easier, much faster, and much more likely to ensure quality data is recorded!

If you would like the update, please contact our UK or Aus/NZ support desks and they will be able to update your Alpha Tracker system.

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