Thursday, 18 January 2018

Alpha Tracker - did you know...? #4 - integrating with accounting systems

Did you know that asbestos software Alpha Tracker can link with accounting systems Sage Line 50, Sage Line 200 and Xero?

You can raise your invoices in Alpha Tracker with just a couple of clicks and then export the invoices to your favourite accounts software.  This means that you can receive payments, generate statements, produce your VAT return and create management accounts as normal but without the hassle of having to raise invoices (or credit notes) manually in your accounts system.

Xero is becoming particularly popular now with our clients and so we are constantly adding new features to Alpha Tracker to enable our Xero-using customers to send data direct to their cloud accounts.

For most clients, raising an invoice can now be done in seconds because Alpha Tracker has all of the information it needs to generate the necessary paperwork.

We offer a choice of invoice templates with options to customise them if needed.  If none of our standard templates fit the bill, let us know and we'll do our best to produce a format that works for you.


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