Tuesday, 18 July 2017

First Access/SQL Server programming visit to Cath Tate Cards' new office

No more Brixton trips for my regular programming visits to the awesome Cath Tate Cards!

Cath, Rosie and their team have moved from their Brixton offices to a fabulously light and airy space in West Dulwich so a bit further out for me and my trusty folding bike but a stunning new location to work from.

I'm proud of the system we built for Cath and her team and it has continued to power their business since they switched from Sage a decade or so ago.  If we can help you to upsize your Access or Sage system into something which can support your business growth then do get in touch.

Cath is also currently sponsoring a fabulous exhibition showcasing women cartoonists at the Cartoon Museum in London and features in today's Guardian.  Exciting times for Cath Tate Cards!

Cath's article in today's Guardian

Get to the Cartoon Museum if you can to see The Inking Woman

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