Friday, 26 July 2013

Start Software's biggest Mobile Data Studio customer!

We've been doing some mobile data capture consultancy with one of the world's leading manufacturing companies (a $30 billion multinational).  Our contacts there are pretty self-sufficient now (having received training and mentoring support from us with the Mobile Data Studio product) but still keep in touch to ask for advice about mobile data form design, especially as they are now capturing data in the field on a wide variety of devices - Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Windows Mobile.

They have recently been using Mobile Data Studio at trade shows, enabling them to build data capture forms for salespeople to gather information from delegates as they visit the stand.  The information captured is transmitted via the 3G mobile phone network back to head office where the data is used to build databases of leads and prospects.

We previously helped with a field service engineer data capture form used by staff on the road to complete maintenance records direct from the customer's premises.

Do you need to capture information on mobile devices?  Do you want the flexibility to use whatever device you choose from iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet or ruggedised Windows Mobile unit? Get in touch and we can build the data capture application for you and faster and for less money than you imagine.