Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Start Software and Asbestos Vault announce exclusive partnership

We're delighted to announce that Start Software and Asbestos Vault have formed an exclusive partnership for the benefit of asbestos consultancies using the Alpha Tracker software system.

Alpha Tracker from Start Software and Asbestos Vault form exclusive partnership
Asbestos Vault provides a secure online document storage facility for all types of business and organisation, enabling key asbestos documents (such as asbestos reports, asbestos lab certificates, clearance certificates and the like) to be stored and retrieved by anyone with the appropriate security rights.

Alpha Tracker is the leading online automated software system for asbestos surveyors, asbestos consultants and asbestos consultancies and the new partnership with Asbestos Vault gives Alpha Tracker users the means to automatically store finished asbestos reports within a vault on behalf of the building owner or manager.

Alpha Tracker customers also obtain preferential pricing from Asbestos Vault enabling them to resell the service to their clients as an additional profitable service.  Details of the preferential pricing can be found here: http://start-software.com/tracker/alpha-tracker/asbestos-vault/

For more information, contact Asbestos Vault's Director, Mark Armstrong (mark@AsbestosVault.com) or Start Software's Director, Robin Bennett (robin.bennett@start-software.co.uk).

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