Monday, 15 July 2013

Reminders with Resource Tracker Sync

Resource Tracker Sync is one of the Tracker and Alpha Tracker asbestos software system modules.  It is used to automatically synchronise the Tracker work calendars across to Google Calendars or Microsoft Exchange calendars so that asbestos surveyors and other staff can access their diaries on whatever device they choose.

We use Resource Tracker Sync ourselves and up to now the only problem I've come across with my own diary is that my phone hasn't automatically reminded me when an appointment was about to start and I couldn't see how to set the reminders easily.

We were thinking about a programming fix for this but actually it turns out that phones and tablets (including iPads) that are set to sync with Google Calendars can be told to automatically set the reminders.

For example, on my own HTC One Android phone, here is the setting within the phone's calendar app:

Having set this option, all new appointments created within a Tracker or Alpha Tracker diary now appear on my phone and automatically reminder me 15 minutes before the event.

If you need any help with this setting or would like more information, please contact our support line as usual.

Resource Tracker Sync can help your asbestos, legionella or environmental consultancy to be more efficient enabling site staff to see their work diaries from any device they choose at any time with the diary always automatically updated.  If you don't use Resource Tracker Sync, get in touch and we can discuss how to integrate it into your business.

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