Monday, 15 July 2013

New Alpha Anywhere developments on track

We're working on several Alpha Anywhere software developments this month, building interactive systems suitable for web and mobile access.

Alpha Anywhere is our favourite development tool, enabling us to build feature-rich systems incredibly quickly for the benefit of our customers.  I've personally been working on two "portal" systems this week, enabling users to access their data and documents via web and mobile.

The first is for a large manufacturing company and the system is targeted at the company's salespeople.  Out on the road, they will be able to look up information about customers, orders and stock from their PCs, tablets or smartphones.

The second system is for one the UK's largest asbestos and environmental consultancies. Their portal will be used by their clients to access PDF versions of their reports, view asbestos site summaries and map all of their data via Google Maps.  This system is really coming together now, offering a really powerful desktop web and mobile experience.  The mobile development is especially good fun!!

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