Thursday, 7 October 2010

New Tracker Web Server v1.0.105 available

We have updated Tracker Web Server to v1.0.105 with a number of enhancements, both major and minor:

1 New risk-based dashboards

Your clients can now view risk-based dashboards across their portfolio or for individual sites:

All tables are live and allow click-through "drill down" access to explore the data.

2 New compliance-based dashboards

Looking at the overall compliance data for sites, graphs can be displayed including the same click-through facilities as per the risk-based dashboards:

3 New settings to enable you to customise Tracker Web Server

We have added over 20 new settings to enable you to customise Tracker to suit you and your clients.  All of the new settings are displayed through the new administrator login screen.

If you would like the update to Tracker Web Server, please contact the Elaine in the office to book your update.

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