Friday, 9 July 2010

Development of new scanning/workflow/OCR application begins

For a while we've been considering the development of a new module for our Tracker product line to enable documents coming into a business to be scanned, tagged, processed, OCR'd and then sent via a workflow system to the relevant part of the business for action.

For example, incoming invoices could be scanned, tagged and sent to accounts payable and orders arriving by fax could be scanned and then sent on to the sales team. If the OCR'ing is sufficient reliable and robust, the data on the invoices and orders could be added to Tracker automatically saving considerable data entry time.

Our new Mill Tracker development also has this requirement so we are developing a general-purpose facility which will set alongside Tracker-based systems whatever their target market.

Development of the prototype has begun with an in-depth analysis of the different OCR engines available in the market and it is already clear that each have very different strengths and weaknesses.

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