Thursday, 18 February 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone (which used to be called Windows Mobile and 14 other different names) has suffered at the hands of RIM with their Blackberry units, and Apple with the iPhone. Windows Phone has started to look very old fashioned with the result that consumers and phone manufacturers have voted with their feet.

Windows Mobile 6.5 (the newest release currently available) was barely more than a sticking plaster, and some industry gurus have wondered whether Microsoft actually had a future in mobile devices.

Well, it looks like there is life in the old dog yet as the first viewing of "Windows Phone 7 Series" (only Microsoft could come up with a name as bad as that) was shown at the technology show in Barcelona this week.

It looks fantastic, really ground-breaking, and is sure to give even the iPhone a scare or too.

We have been developing software for Windows mobile devices since they first launched, and one issue for us is that Windows Phone 7 Series will not be able to run older software - which means we'll need to rewrite all of our existing systems.

Another concern is that the launch presentations were aimed directly at the iPhone user - someone who users they phone primarily for personal/entertainment/social networking and perhaps also uses it to pick up work emails etc. Current Windows Phones work very well indeed as Exchange clients and so are popular in business. Will this one be? This article explains this well.

Windows Phone 7 Series devices should hit the shops and the mobile networks towards the end of the year.

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