Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Our apprentices Zac and James are visiting Moneypenny. What an inspirational company!

We have been partners with Moneypenny forever!  When we first created our business we knew that we needed help with answering our phones in the best quality way possible and so we contacted Moneypenny, who, at the time, were also a fledgling start-up.

Now Moneypenny is one of the UK's business success stories with a world-class workforce and attitude to business.  Truly inspirational.  Just Google "award winning Moneypenny" to read about their directors, their attitude to training and teamwork, and their incredible Wrexham HQ.

Some shots of Zac & James visiting the Moneypenny HQ

One benefit of our long-standing partnership is that Moneypenny help us to train and inspire new staff members and Zac & James were the latest to benefit.  Thanks Moneypenny!

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