Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Asbestonomy conference over for 2022. Bring on 2023!

We have just spent a couple of days in London at Asbestonomy 2022.

This international asbestos conference gave us an opportunity to listen to amazing speakers, talk to clients, talk to competitors and meet some wonderful people who are all working together to solve the asbestos problem - once, and for all.

Some of the people we want to highlight (and who we are working with us here at Alpha Tracker) are:
Here are some of the photos I took at the event:

Andrew Paten (UKNAS), Dr Mavis Nye BEM, Robin

Robin with Alpha Tracker user Neil Munro from Acorn Asbestos

Mavis beginning her presentation

Robin, Dr Yvonne Waterman and Andrew Paten

The conference reinforced what an important industry this is.  So many stories of disease, suffering and, tragically, premature death.  It's vital that we all work together to sort this problem out.

We introduced a new industry-wide initiative called OpenAsbestos, which aims to provide an open, industry-wide framework for the sharing of asbestos data.  This supports the UKNAR initiative to develop a UK-wide national asbestos register but also goes much further - enabling all systems and organisations with an interest in asbestos to access data easily wherever it is stored.

If you'd like to know more about OpenAsbestos, please do get in touch with Robin directly.

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