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Desktop to web Alpha software conversion complete! Lovely thanks received from the client, Felton Fundraising

We've been working with the wonderful charity fundraising consultants Felton Fundraising for a few months now, converting their existing Alpha Software desktop database system to a version that could be accessed via a web browser instead.

Felton Fundraising's new web system built by Start Software

When the pandemic struck and the Felton staff found themselves working mainly from home, they began to use "remote desktop" techniques to access their business-critical database system.  This worked, just, but was proving to be difficult at times and was reducing the productivity of the team.

Managing Director Sarah Felton made contact with our Start Software team to talk about the possibilities to redevelop the software to run on the web.  As their system was written in Alpha Software's flexible development software, this was a possibility.  We planned the switch and got to work.  The job is now complete and Sarah dropped us a lovely email to thank us for our work:

"We had a team meeting this morning and everyone thinks the database is working really well, I don’t think anyone has used the old one for weeks now which is such a good sign. 

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for persevering with us and let you know that all the hard work you, James and your team have done is very much appreciated." 

James has been the main client contact with Falah doing most of the development work - we are very proud of both of them.

Can we help you to switch your Alpha Software desktop system to the web?  Get in touch!


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