Friday, 18 March 2022

The risks of ransomware - another UK legal firm fined nearly £100K

Fines are one of the consequences of becoming infected with ransomware.  

Criminal defence firm Tuckers Solicitors is the latest business to have been hit with a significant fine from the Information Commissioner.  Their penalty was nearly £100K - a significant sum and a result of the ICO deciding that insufficient measures had been taken to protect their data and documents.

Perhaps you don't know know what ransomware is?  Here's a guide from our Alpha Legal cybersecurity specialists:

So, how can you protect yourself against ransomware?  Subscribing to Alpha Legal is the first step - reducing your company's reliance on insecure emails and baking security into your business.

Make sure the data on your servers is encrypted and appropriately backed up - with backups being regularly tested.  

Finally, if you are subject to a ransomware attack, get professional advice early.

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