Monday, 7 March 2022

Our House? ITV's new thriller starts tonight - will it be a case where Alpha Legal could have saved the day?

Imagine coming home after a holiday to find another family moving into your house. 

There have been real-life horror stories in the press over the last couple of years where ID theft and the interception and modification of emails have led to this truly awful situation - emails are not secure!  

We've actually blogged about email-related fraud in the housing market before - see

Watch "Our House" starting tonight at 9pm on ITV

ITV are showing a new drama starting tonight at 9pm - Our House.  On the face of it, the story might mirror the real-world case of the Reverend Mike Hall - or perhaps (it's a thriller, after all!) there might be more to it!  Watch the trailer here and the first episode tonight which airs at 9pm.

Alpha Legal protects you and your clients from the dangers of using email in your business.

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